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Trees are utilized in making paper and wood products, water is source of energy - natural resources

ajreyes 2 / 3  
Feb 5, 2015   #1
Task: The overuse of natural resources causes an ultimate exhaust of them. People have been using them to be in swim of new styles such as making new furniture of recent design. This causes a huge harm to the environment. Therefore, government should discourage people the overuse of these resources.

Our natural resources like trees are utilized in making paper and wood products, water as source of energy and a lot more. It is evident that there are some companies that place exaggeration in using organic resources to fill-in the demands of what is fashionable and currently on the trend. Such this situation often leads to unjustifiable use of our resourcesnleading to big danger in our environment. In order to address this, I would argue that government should take steps to eradicate this environmental threat.

First of all, the government can use the nation's budget to programs or institutions that are against over-usage of our natural resources. For an instance, the government should honor researchers and scientists who can discover alternative materials in replacement of the organics. If there is financial support from the government, more innovators will arise and share their best ideas. As this shows, the government empowers unworthy manufacture of nature products.

In addition to this, the government can dissuade the people by influencing them as consumers. An instance illustrating this in action is by disseminating environmental reminders through advertisements on television, newspaper ads or social network sites. Through this, prospective buyers will choose products made up of artificial materials rather than natural raw materials. the public will be influenced based on their knowledge of what is more advantageous to our nature. This will lead more companies to be more vigilant in terms of overusing products coming from our nature.

To conclude, elected officials can take on a huge part in empowering every individual leading private sectors to regulate the usage of our natural resources. Thus, it is recommended that every individual, as consumers, should be wiser and responsible in choosing a product that is more Eco-friendly than selecting the contrary.

Elith 3 / 10  
Feb 5, 2015   #2
Hi! Very good points, but I think you should also add some observation. Since we still can't substitute all renewable resources with artificial ones, what are the negative impacts brought from the projects of eradication you argued above? Just a point of view:P Have a nice day

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