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Vanishing handwriting tools - reasons and consequences

annahatef 30 / 9 7  
Dec 2, 2015   #1
Handwriting skills (using a pencil, a pen or a brush) are on decline. What can be the reasons for this? Is it a positive or a negative development?

Hand writing skills are decreased among people. Emerging new technology encourages people to use some electrical devices instead of stationery. Some people believe that using writing tools has many merits, while others think handwriting skills does not have any worth to maintain. Both situations have their own pros and cons which I shall discuss in this essay.

New electrical devices encourages people to write on the screen without any traditional writing tools. People type many mails and messages by computers, laptops and mobiles. So, using pens and pencils is not as popular as it used to be. Also, these days more and more tasks become computerized. Therefore, the needs of writing become less demands. People do not need to use stationary considerably.

Pencils and brushes are traditional tools to show arts. Technology also develops art. New software programs create the new kinds of drawing and painting without needs any pencils and brushes. For example, many artists do not paint. They try to take pictures and make films by new cameras. What is more, new style arts emerge in which painters do not need any brushers. They just mix colors and use other objects to show their arts such as leaves, parts of animals and fruits.

Moreover, decreasing popularity of using pens and pencils has many advantages. People use electrical gadgets which increase speed and decrease costs because individuals do not pay extra money for pens and papers. In addition, when people use electrical devices do not have to change the whole paper for just one mistake, users just delete one word. Therefore, there may be less waste for just one letter. And the result of type letters is more clear.

However, traditional writing tools helps people to concentrate better, because people can handle their thought easily. For example, many writers write many poems and navels by pens. They use these simple pens and pencils to feel their sense. Also, if artists do not pay attention to use brushes any more, some marvelous arts may vanish including miniature and Calligraphy.

In conclusion, using some stationary writing tools become less popular, because of emerging new electrical devices. Also, Some modern style of arts have been created without any demands of writing tools. This tendency of reluctant to use these tools has many disadvantages.

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