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Virtual conversations have become more common than the direct communication. Pros & cons

alvax237 1 / -  
Jan 3, 2022   #1

advantage and disadvantage of online communicating

Due to a myriad of ups and downs triggered by the pandemic, it is not serpentine that virtual conversations be more likely to be popularized rather than direct communication in a wide range of companies. A ubiquitous though just arising question about whether this is a down-to-earth resolution for this circumstance will be. distinctively analyzed in this piece of writing.

When it comes to the efficiency, online communication is indeed by far the best approach during quarantine time, in which an eclectic mix of companies are put on the back burner. This enables workers seemingly have more freedom to speak rather than that when they have face to face conversations, which results in the diversity of ideas and enterprises contributed by the staff. It is the case that some are distracted in the workplaces by nostalgia virtually the whole day, leading to not fully developed yield when compared to the boss's expectation. Thus, when working at home, no longer do they feel homesick, as a consequence, there is no hindrance, no ceiling, the sky's the limits.

Yet, this idea has come in for a great deal of criticisms from the public with regards to security. Cyber-crimes are a ubiquitous phenomenon now in this modern context. Some confidential data thereby can be stolen, owing to the code crackers hired by the rival, or be leaked out, this has such unforeseen impacts on the company, perhaps the bankruptcy. Furthermore, what if the employees sit and stick their eyes on the laptop or phone screens day in day out? Health decline of course is the striking features in this aspect. Their eye's sights are shrinking dramatically. And the second nightmare which is insomnia is just bound to come in terms of meeting deadlines.

Long story short, this thorny issue is a doubled-edged sword and quite dependent on the people's adaption as it has significant repercussions on ones' health if they do not get used to it well. But still, to certain extent, the upsides outweigh the downsides.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,051 4255  
Jan 4, 2022   #2
You just confused the examiner with your first paragraph statement. It looks like a dictionary vomited on the paragraph with your use of advanced English words which, rather than improving your score, will force a failure based on LR incapacities. It is easy to open a dictionary when you are practicing the test, and choose the most impressive sounding advanced English words to create your paragraph. Nothing wrong with that. The problem, is that the words you have chosen to use throughout the essay are nothing more than a misguided attempt to impress the examiner with a non-existent knowledge of advanced English language and word usage. The test is not about vocabulary usage, it is about how well you use basic, simple, everyday English words to compose an understandable English paragraph. When you use advanced words out of context, you fail to achieve that target. Write another essay, this time, do not use a dictionary when writing. Use your actual knowledge of basic or intermediate English words to express yourself. Then I will be able to properly assess your writing abilities and comprehension skills. Right now though, you have just failed the writing test.

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