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Wide arrays of policies have been created to ban public smoking in closed areas

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Aug 10, 2016   #1
Test 4 TOEFL. Summarize a reading and listening passage.

Public smoking has been thoroughly debated. Furthermore, wide arrays of policies have been created to ban public smoking in closed areas. There have been some opinions favoring this change in the public life and others that are completely against it.

For these policies to be created, the dangers of secondhand smoke have been used as arguments. However, the liability of the researches made to know this issue have been questioned .It is said that secondhand smoking causes lung cancer, but this has been completely proven false. Nonetheless, there are other risks of secondhand smoking such as heart diseases. A survey was made in Montana after the ban of secondhand smoking; it was found that there was a substantial decrease of heart diseases as a result.

Many have worried about the economic position of businesses and their employee. Bars and nightclubs in particular tend to lose first smokers clients. This means fewer tips for the employees and a risk for the business of shutting down. On the other hand, some states that banning smoking in closed areas will attract the non-smoking kind that seeks fresh air when choosing a place where to spend the time.

Especially in America, the matter of freedom to smokers has brought a heated debate. Some say that smokers should have the right to smoke wherever they want, since they pay higher taxes. Others argue that non-smokers have the right for clean air, and that it is unjust to have a polluting enterprise and a smoker to pollute the air that we breathe
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Aug 10, 2016   #2
Hello gabriel, nice to see yu here. I am still learn about english, I hope we can learn together about english.

4th paragraph
-wherever they want, since they payimpose higher taxes

I think that's it , sorry anyway
OP gabrieloandco 10 / 11 11  
Aug 10, 2016   #3
That's no mistake mate, imposing taxes and paying them are two completely different things. Citizens pay taxes, while governments and politicians impose taxes. Since I was speaking about the smokers, it is completely accurate to say that they pay taxes.

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