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'women are special weak group' - IELTS - EQUAL NUMBERS OF MALE AND FEMALE STUDENTS

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After the long period of unbalance gender rate in university, Scholars start to consider whether it is beneficial to student. Finally, in the name of better education, some point out that the numbers of male and female student in every subject should be equal. This kind of assertion is too absolute to convince me for the following reason.

For certain extent, what the percentage of the female university comprises is the signal of equal right to receive education. It is the first and key step to realize gender equality. After 4 years of schooling, there is an opportunity for female graduate students to live a different life instead of ending in full-time house wives. From the argument above, I suppose that the percentage of female in the university shall be guaranteed to protect women right, but it is remained to be seen whether it is reasonable for each subject in the university.

Man and women are equal, but not the same. Some certain subject, not sexist including, not cut out for the women. For example, most of military subject and sailing subject are stuffed with man, which feature long working hour and heave physic task. Also, there are plenty of majors is for female such as language, travel, accounting. Different genders have different natural duty. Exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs could be unwisely.

Furthermore, It would be disastrous if places of man and woman in every subject are equal. On the one hand, employer cannot find their employee for the reason that student's enrollment no longer regulate by market. On the other hand, Chinese university graduates can't find a proper work after graduates. Unemployment rate would increase considerably. We spare no effect but not gain any harvest. If the female student could not change their life after 4 years of hard work, they are wasting time here.

To sum up, women are special weak group. Strong measure must be taken to protect their legal right. Nonetheless, we have to think it through before you take any action. 50 to 50 gender rate in every subject is bad for the favorable position of women in future.

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