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'workers should be use tidy dress' - essay about dress smartly and performance

Dioba 68 / 104 7  
Dec 1, 2016   #1
Some organizations believe that their employees should dress smartly. Others value the quality of work above appearance. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, certain companies argue that the workers should be use tidy dress while the other enterprise say that achievement of work target is the most important aspect for their employees because that affects to the development company. Personally, I have a tendency to say that quality of work is more important than employee's appearance although several sectors argue tidy and smart appearances are important elements.

Tidy and smartly dress have an predominant role for several enterprise such as banking and office occupations because they are work in the area which their subject society see perfect appearance as an obligation before they serve the consumers. Taking an banking officer as an example, when they are during their occupations, they have to look likes always tidy with their company uniform before they serve the customers and their appearance support them to represent as a humble and good worker. While trend only effective for occupants in public area services which employees focus on physical appearance, there are several jobs do not need good appearance and the employees more focus on their performance.

Engineer is one of the occupations which the worker focus on their duties, but most of them no pay attention about their physical appearance and they keen to finish their project before the deadline. Taking my personal experience as an example, since I accepted in oil and gas companies, the enterprise, they send me in the offshore platform which I work in dirty environment and I have to operate several devices. I should be focus on my duties and I have to solve difficult trouble in the system after I arrived in the platform.

All in all, the occupants is one of the essential aspects for workers which they interaction with the public area while achievement and performance more important is needed in industrial worker such field engineer.
alfinkurnia 33 / 47  
Dec 1, 2016   #2
Hello Dioba,
This is my advice for you, hope it can help you. feel free to correction me too.

Nowadays, certain companies argue ...>> Alter nowadays with These days (more academic), first you can add this sentence before(These days, clothes formally becomes trend in most of company and institution )

when you write please caution your ideas, you must follow instruction of question.
and don't forget to write at least 250 words

All in all, the occupants is one ... ?? All in all? you can change with finally or however is better I think

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