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Quest Bridge Biographical Essay for College Admission

UndergraduateDenyingerrorsDenyingerrors - 2 days ago
MBA Dream from India - does this SOP sounds more like a Personal Statement?

GraduateYearnforsuccesspg13Taiwan - 2 days ago
MY CONTRIBUTION FOR MY COUNTRY - Career Plan Question for Chevening

Scholarshipniputusriniputusri - 2 days ago
More and more factories are being built to serve for the massive production of large enterprises.

Writing FeedbackMimi123Holt - 2 days ago
IELTS writing task 1: Australian school leavers' activities

Writing Feedbacksarahnasarahna - 2 days ago
Common app prompt 5 college application essay : opening new doors.

Undergraduatebenh44Holt - 2 days ago
Area of Emphasis Essay - Film

Undergraduatesourcandy888Holt - 2 days ago
Statement of Purpose - Applying for M.S. in Machine Learning Graduate Programs in the US.

Graduatedarknight99Holt - 2 days ago
Vision, innovation and dedication levels are vital to determine if a leader can reach his/her goals

Scholarshipfahimaibrahimifahimaibrahimi - 2 days ago
Motivation Letter - Masters in Artificial Intelligence in Netherlands

Graduatelogeekallogeekal - 2 days ago
ISSUE:-think on task rather than worry about result

Writing Feedbackshraddhashendeabhilashbhure - Sep 17, 2017
Crime is a serious problem in most countries and the crime rate has tendency to increase annually

Writing FeedbackAnnie Tran 162Annie Tran 162 - Sep 17, 2017
'To make a positive improvement' - Chevening Essay : Individuals with strong networking skills

Scholarshipbnrdhmsntbnrdhmsnt - Sep 17, 2017
Continuous maintaining and expanding the network as an important part of my professional success

ScholarshipGanesh MumarGanesh Mumar - Sep 17, 2017
Statement of Purpose for the Data Science Graduate program.

GraduateSb_Dat_gradSb_Dat_grad - Sep 17, 2017

Scholarshipphamductuanphamductuan - Sep 17, 2017

Writing Feedbackhongphuochongphuoc - Sep 17, 2017
Common App Essay: I'm Human (topic of your choice)

UndergraduateamanichopraHolt - Sep 17, 2017
Argument Topic about the way to increase the more viewers of news programs

Writing FeedbackabhilashbhureHolt - Sep 17, 2017
(Obtaining a college degree) Ubc personal profile: What is important to you and why? Max 250 words.

UndergraduateBetsyyBetsyy - Sep 16, 2017
CBEST Writing Test : Explain if you have taken any risk in your life.

Writing FeedbackRaj1234Raj1234 - Sep 16, 2017
Commonapp Essay: Gaining control of my life

UndergraduateWulfWulf - Sep 16, 2017
IELTS Writing Task 2 - Job Vacancies Restriction in Many Countries

Writing FeedbackditoajiGanesh Mumar - Sep 16, 2017
[IELTS Writing Task2] - Hiring people with only practical skills and not looking at their education

Writing FeedbackpurushothamGanesh Mumar - Sep 16, 2017
Essay about whether university students must pay all tuition fees

Writing FeedbackhaiinnnHolt - Sep 16, 2017
Scholarship Essay on "My goals as a graduate student of XYXY (Department)"

Scholarshipmisslittlelimemisslittlelime - Sep 16, 2017
My teacher trusted me to handle my group. Leadership and Influence Essay for Chevening

Scholarshipnsybpnsybp - Sep 15, 2017
Everyone should study at school until 18. To what extent,do you agree or disagree?

Writing FeedbackWatsupshraddhashende - Sep 15, 2017
Young generations may be more aware on issues related to the environment and starvation

Writing Feedbacknguyentoan1999nguyentoan1999 - Sep 15, 2017
What will you contribute to YYAS community Essay

Essaysjason321misslittlelime - Sep 15, 2017