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What you might add to the Mac community, academically and personally?

Undergraduatemadiefarts123Holt - 2 days ago
Leadership is a big responsibility - Chevening Essay

ScholarshipbellachyntiaHolt - 2 days ago
Drugstore contracts, internship programs for pharmacy students - leadership skills examples

ScholarshipMartson_PutraMartson_Putra - 2 days ago
The bar chart compares the worldwide sales figures for four different games over 6 years period

Writing FeedbackmonopolymiIELTS_Academic - 2 days ago
IELTS Task 1 - Bar chart - Population distribution in the Northwest region (1900 to 2050)

Writing FeedbackTran Minh HienIELTS_Academic - 2 days ago
Need help on PhD Statement of Purpose - civil/environmental engineering

Graduateaxelheadaxelhead - 2 days ago
IELTS Task 1: The trend of GDP growth in post-reform China

Writing Feedbackwinky_wongIELTS_Academic - 2 days ago
[task1] map writing: the evolution of a villege

Writing FeedbackLadyOfClockworkLadyOfClockwork - 2 days ago
Punishment for each type of crime was often a prominent rule in societies

Writing FeedbackSol19921992Holt - 2 days ago
Loughborough University, University of Leicester and University of Leicester - courses choice

ScholarshipOnyinye123Holt - 2 days ago
When proffesors give project on which students must work together, the students learn more effective

Writing FeedbackpierOnyinye123 - Oct 20, 2017
"Leadership comes from within". Everyone is a leader in their own way. Chevening Essay

Scholarshipbellachyntiabellachyntia - Oct 20, 2017
Use of animals for testing medicines is cruel or not ?

Writing Feedbackjayy98pier - Oct 20, 2017
Is it essential for newcomers to get used and follow the traditions and culture in a foreign country

Writing Feedbackhoanghienktvn141pier - Oct 20, 2017
A chance to describe yourself, your readiness for college, your pursuits and achievements

Undergraduateceely372ceely372 - Oct 20, 2017
[task1] Three possible sites for a new hypermarket, which will be built in the city of Pellington

Writing FeedbackLadyOfClockworkLadyOfClockwork - Oct 20, 2017
A school has been given money to spend on one thing to improve the school.

Writing FeedbackLauraMoriartyHolt - Oct 20, 2017
Academic IELTS task 1-The maps of town center of Islip now and in the future

Writing FeedbackChi HanHolt - Oct 20, 2017
The population of some countries includes a relatively large number of young adults. good or bad?

Writing Feedbackjust_writerHolt - Oct 20, 2017

Scholarshiprodrigolivbrrodrigolivbr - Oct 19, 2017
In my view networking is the best way in socialization process, Chevening networking essay.

Scholarshipnaseernasratinaseernasrati - Oct 19, 2017
Communication and trust are considered to be indispensable parts of social life

Writing FeedbackRubensteinRubenstein - Oct 19, 2017
Maps below show the centre of small town called Islip as it is now, and plans for its development

Writing Feedbackjust_writerChi Han - Oct 19, 2017
Networking is a matter of cause and effect. Networking essay for Chevening

Scholarshiprodrigolivbrrodrigolivbr - Oct 19, 2017
Television, newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to VIP's personal lives

Writing FeedbackpierTJLuschen - Oct 19, 2017
Chevening leadership and influence essay. My journey to become a leader in the future.

Scholarshipnaseernasratinaseernasrati - Oct 19, 2017
An Essay on Manipulation in Macbeth

Book ReportsmajorziggyHolt - Oct 19, 2017
Career plan essay for Chevening as a project manager

ScholarshipindmuhHolt - Oct 19, 2017
Whether taking a gap year is a reasonable idea? (help, rescue poor writting)

Writing Feedbackchchehappyfunny - Oct 19, 2017
IELTS WRITING TASK 2: Is local history more important than world history? Opinion essay.

Writing Feedbackscully_vananhscully_vananh - Oct 19, 2017