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The Internet, despite being the most significant breakthrough in history, is indeed a mixed blessing

Writing Feedbackanna1239Holt - Dec 3, 2017
Cooperation between individual and global governments to cope with environmental problems

Writing FeedbackTuan Anh 10cTuan Anh 10c - Dec 3, 2017
Essay about "several languages die out and many people think this is a good thing, do you agree?"

Writing FeedbackkhaledQasem25Holt - Dec 3, 2017
One who pretends to be a friend but he/she is not, so called a fair weather friend

Writing FeedbackTanveer775Tanveer775 - Dec 3, 2017
Animals do feel. Express an opinion on animal treatment.

Writing FeedbackhappyfunnyHolt - Dec 3, 2017
The bland food reflects my bland, although exciting, life - CWM Essay

UndergraduateJingxuanHolt - Dec 3, 2017
A successful researcher from Africa. Statement of Purpose (Business Administration, PhD)

GraduateEschaHolt - Dec 3, 2017
A discussion has been ongoing regarding the development of roads and railways

Writing FeedbacksfizaHolt - Dec 3, 2017
Complain about the restaurant service.

LettershappyfunnyHolt - Dec 3, 2017
Same-sex Marriage and The Effects on the Society

Writing Feedbackray8171Holt - Dec 3, 2017
IELTS task 1: People who lived in Charlestown

Writing FeedbackPeterBrownakbarmappiare - Dec 2, 2017
Cover letter for a trainee program position at Daimler Greater China company

LettersStandingsStandings - Dec 2, 2017
The school system should start teaching foreign language class at primary school.

Writing FeedbackRobaaRobaa - Dec 2, 2017
Essay about learning how to ride a bike and what it taught me

Undergraduatemmenesesmmeneses - Dec 2, 2017
Essay on a career. Out of hundreds of thousands of careers out there, it is hard to pick just one.

UndergraduatextrimixHolt - Dec 2, 2017
Personal Statement for a UK University - Marketing Master Level

GraduateMariamMMariamM - Dec 1, 2017
The top performing sportsmen earn huge amount of money as compared to people in other professions

Writing Feedbackchinkybehl22sfiza - Dec 1, 2017
Canadian flag debate, Medical care act, Terry Fox's marathon of Hope/ Canadian History

Research PapersSyedShahriarbozka4251 - Dec 1, 2017
IELTS TASK 1-The chart gives information on the percentage of British people giving money to charity

Writing FeedbackUlicaPeterBrown - Dec 1, 2017
IELTS WT2, Fast-food companies should not be allowed to give away free toys with their food

Writing FeedbackmacbzHolt - Dec 1, 2017
A university education should include an internship or some type of work experience.

Writing FeedbackSakiCCSHolt - Dec 1, 2017
Olin business school Master of Finance required essay--- I want to learn real expertise

Graduateyxhzxpyxhzxp - Dec 1, 2017
Statement of Purpose for M.Sc. application to UK universities - Mathematics

GraduateDylan620Dylan620 - Nov 30, 2017
What motivates you and write about a topic that reflects your values

Scholarshipwinday209winday209 - Nov 30, 2017
IELTS writing part2, congestion and traffic jams are a common and major problem in most cities.

Writing Feedbackmacbzmacbz - Nov 30, 2017
The information superhighway was greatly transformed the way man conducts his activities today

Writing FeedbackErica TinHolt - Nov 30, 2017
Statement of Purpose for Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Practice

GraduateWiGiGWiGiG - Nov 30, 2017
PT PROMPT: what qualities do you feel are necessary for success as a physical therapist?

GraduateAnirtakErica Tin - Nov 30, 2017
IELTS Writing Task 2 : Material Possessions or Kindness/Trust?

Writing Feedbackzeqiyasinhappyfunny - Nov 30, 2017
Explanation for poor grades during study abroad program and GRE - Extenuating situation statements.

Graduateekngen22ekngen22 - Nov 30, 2017