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Should the government control the salaries and limit money people earn.

Writing Feedbackaley anhnguyenHolt - Mar 31, 2018

Writing FeedbackBaoanhHolt - Mar 31, 2018
Should scientific research, business and the academic information be shared freely or not?

Writing FeedbackemryshardingHolt - Mar 31, 2018
IELTS test one - why students study and how much support do they get

Writing FeedbackkikiyiuHolt - Mar 31, 2018
IELTS Essay Some people think that having a set retirement age (65 years) for everybody is unfair

Writing Feedbacknanc90Holt - Mar 31, 2018
People have a tendency to think that Art and music are too trivial compared to others subjects

Writing Feedbackyuletideyuletide - Mar 31, 2018
Workshop about creating lesson material through e-module application - solving a challenge essay

Scholarshipavatar22Holt - Mar 31, 2018
IELTS Writing Test - Does the coverage of sport on television discourage teenagers from exercise?

Writing FeedbackNancy Huangabang yoga - Mar 31, 2018
Personal Statement for Erasmus : Global Markets, Local Creativities Programme

Scholarshipssaadpashassaadpasha - Mar 30, 2018
TOEFL independent writing - a better life with an undergraduate degree or a master degree?

Writing Feedbackanchitang0321TJLuschen - Mar 29, 2018
Common wealth Benefits to Uganda: for Msc Food Tech and Quality Assurance at Reading University

ScholarshipKregHolt - Mar 29, 2018
Applying for MSc in Finance Program in the National University of Singapore

Graduateviolet96Holt - Mar 29, 2018
IELTS: pollution and traffic growth - higher gas price as the obvious solution?

Writing Feedbackamalianhanifahfadlanmuzakki - Mar 27, 2018
Colleges and universities have to enroll the same numbers of students in both genders in all subject

Writing Feedbackkikiyiukikiyiu - Mar 27, 2018
Sharing information in a variety of fields freely

Writing Feedbackyakoeyakoe - Mar 27, 2018
Space travel vs environment problems? which one is important? PTE

Writing FeedbackPeterBrownDoctorWho - Mar 26, 2018
IELTS writing task 2: In your opinion, what has been the most significant transportation...

Writing FeedbackNKNam123NKNam123 - Mar 26, 2018
The average number of Vietnamese students studying in France, Russia and America between 2000

Writing Feedbackhuonggizahuonggiza - Mar 26, 2018
Technological advances significantly change the way we live, which includes communication

Writing FeedbackPhucnguyenPhucnguyen - Mar 26, 2018
It is only a matter of time before teachers are replaced by technology in the classroom.

Writing FeedbackharryhoangvnPeterBrown - Mar 26, 2018
How your personal background has encouraged you to contribute to development in your country?

ScholarshipAlao0702Holt - Mar 26, 2018
Explain how your proposed study relates to a development need in your sector and country

ScholarshipAlao0702Holt - Mar 26, 2018
Higher taxes should be collected from industries causing higher industrial pollution?

Writing Feedbackanhtho1412Holt - Mar 26, 2018
Motivational letter to Bocconi University

Undergraduatephuonguyenvt -
Problem with water resources in Nigeria. Home Country Benefit Commonwealth

ScholarshipEmcee_huckzEmcee_huckz - Mar 26, 2018
Do the disadvantages of using e-mail surpass the advantages?

Writing FeedbackquocvietHolt - Mar 26, 2018
"Find what you love and love it deeply" - Public administration statement of purpose

GraduateValas177zHolt - Mar 26, 2018
Studying a new yet similar branch to my previous one - motivation letter

UndergraduateheshammmHolt - Mar 26, 2018
Which type of accomodation is best? Advantages of apartment living overweight house's disadvantages.

Writing FeedbackSTAsumomoakiko - Mar 25, 2018
Sharing confidential information for free and for everyone?

Writing Feedbackdimasnrwfadlanmuzakki - Mar 25, 2018