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Dec 9, 2008
Poetry / It drives me mad. This is my second poem. "What If life" [9]

What if Life

If Life were paper
I would write down all the lies
I would file them in parts
And let them die in my heart

If Life were a candle
I would blow all the bad
I would get all the warmth
And place in people's palms

If Life were a lip
I would keep all smiles sweet
I would kiss all the pains
And have it lain on my beloved

If Life were a sky
I would grind all the sorrows
I would enclose them in every kite
And burn them in the sunshine

If Life were snow
I would gather all the hate
I would make my own snowman
And break it down like a game

If Life were a fight
I would sacrifice my fears
I would rear my courage
And share what I pillaged

If Life were a tunnel
I would cover all miseries
I would ease them in the dark
And start again at the other end

If Life were a grave
I would cache all the wounds
I would ruin all the hurt
And turn them into mystery

If Life were a garden
I would bury all the grief
I would seek for new seeds
And sow them with happiness

But if Life were Love
I wouldn't hold to breathe
I would cease the day
I wouldn't stay to live
And just love only.
Friends told me it was a great poem. How about you?
Dec 9, 2008
Poetry / 5 senses poem - tropical beach [5]

It may make sense to anyone. But I didn't find this one remarkable. You may need some rhymes
Dec 9, 2008
Poetry / Night mare (poem) - I made it when i was 17 [5]

@EF_Kevin: reality is now not as good as nightmare. I simply cannot put up with this real life and I feel good in nightmare. That's why I prefer nightmare

Anyway, I need a more decent title
Dec 6, 2008
Poetry / Night mare (poem) - I made it when i was 17 [5]


I wanna have the same last nightmare again tonight

The one where I have myself in my most parts, I woke up and I survived

Just as my two walls closed me within

My eyes are opened up with the purest light.

I think there're some places in this life you can't find

Where people have their souls connected

Where children have themselves run wild

Where every single tree has itself reach for the sky

It's nightmare.

Where sorrows are bunches of fragrant flowers.

Where pains are emphatic victories.

Where death is the most joyful celebration.

And where Hell could sow the seeds of affections.

In nightmare

I believe I won't feel a wraith.

I can feel no aggravation, no frustration.

I see no defection, no degradation, and no corruption.

No more evils. Then

I will treat my wounds by true repentance.

I will pour my blood into total sincerity.

I will imprison my soul in eternal truths.

Maybe my spirit is sleeping somewhere cold.

Keeping my great secret in nightmare.

Dreamers are all alone. But I believe I am not.

For it is a whole new world in my own nightmare.

Nightmare is home.

Anyway, we can build up the very new paradise, here.

Together, we deny our demise

Decimate all the hypocrisy

Demolish all the jealousy

From the shadows of our past

From the depths of our crash

Stepping forward into the light

We all make it together.

We are all to conquer this endeavor

Stronger than ever.

Make our ascension.

It was not mine.

It's our dream.
any comments?