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Jul 26, 2012
Graduate / (rural management from IRMA) - why teach for india [7]

Initially,i want to learn about the challenges faced by the education sector in educating masses. Practically working with Teach for India that (that word seems more suitable to me ) will help in learning the basics and also mastering them over a period of two years.Further,it will be a stepping stone towards my journey for leading India to an educational reform. Whats better than joing TFI which has made a remarkable mark within few years of its journey.H ere there will bemany people (instead of people, if you use the word 'Mentor', suits more ) from whom i can learn and improve ,take advices and put forward my opinions in a better way than the practical knowledege that will be imaprted in the B schools.

Afterwards,i want to do an MBA in rural management from IRMA(anand) and start an educational movement in rural India, where quality education is still a dream for many students.Historically,many of the greatest scientiest and influencers have been from rural parts of India ,font#FF0000]. India is a great coutry with a powerfull resource still being unprocessed.If this is skillfully developed into a boon and not a bane on the resources, than It will one day lead India to much be more productive and developed country while still holding its cultural diversity and biodiversity.
Jul 24, 2012
Graduate / (rural management from IRMA) - why teach for india [7]

have the access to quality education?
believe in the principle of the tree.
.A tree starts with a seed and then grows and bears the fruits.
for leading india to an educational reform
education is stilla dream for many students.

Dear, i would suggest you to make your sentences short. You must revise the rule of punctuation and I found jump of ideas in your Essay.
Jul 22, 2012
Writing Feedback / Maxim: Beggars are not the choosers. [4]

TOPIC: Beggars are not the choosers.

The maxim under reference brings home to reader a vital philosophy of life. Those who beg have no choice. They actually compromise their self-esteem while extending their bowl to alms giver. Beggars are at the mercy of alms giver. They cannot force any donor to raise the amount of alms. Thus they accept what they are given in the form of alms.

Beggars are greatly subjected to humiliation. They have to bear the taunts of people. People call them names. They do not feel small in extending their bowl. Once the habit of begging is formed, it becomes their psyche. Some beggars, even sustaining their economic condition, do not give up their habit of begging. Thus begging becomes their second nature.

Nations that develop the habit of begging in the form of foreign aid to raise developmental level are always at the mercy of their donor. Such nations do not achieve glory. They, however, have pledged their self-esteem for availing the foreign aid. The donor starts taking hold of his affairs. The donor eventually becomes a self appointed adviser for that nation. The intrusions and interferences of the donor in his personal matters irk the recipient at many times. Thus this process procreates new master-slave relationship in which there is no dignity for the slave. It evinces that no nation can climb up the stairs of progress and prosperity unless it undergoes the phenomenal uplift of self esteem and self reliance.

Beggary is an evil which robs the self-esteem of an individual/ a nation. Thus any beggar, who wishes to raise his self-esteem, should stop relying upon aids. Begging is another form of slavery. An individual/ nation should raise their hands to get the help from the Creator, not from people.
Mar 4, 2012
Student Talk / Hi everyone! Welcome at EssayForum thread. [394]

And I want to make my essay writing perfect.
I find this forum, an effective source, where many of the members check and makes correct.
Mar 3, 2012
Book Reports / 'Excellence is only achieved through experience' - essay [2]

Perfection is only bestowed to those who cultivate the habit of self reliance. It is a famous saying that "God help those who help themselves". Self reliant person never feels remorse over self dependency. A bird always trusts none but his own wings because he knows that his wings will never betray him.

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."
"Mark Twain"

Excellence is only achieved through experience and experienced are those who are self dependents. There is a famous saying that,
"The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine."

Those who rely upon others actually are the losers who try to find shortcut in their lives. Those have to regret in their lives, because they gained nothing by relying over others. Reliance over others makes a person realize guilt and makes accustomed of relying over others. And in result they cannot do their own work by their own.

Self reliant person is always confident, and proud of himself. A worrier always trusts his own sword. History keeps the records of those who were self reliant in their field. Many of the scientists which are still known for their inventions were self reliant. A child, who learns to walk, falls down many times, but the time comes where that child stand over his own foots. Self reliance is the inspiration to the learners. It is only the name of prestige. A student, who depends on others for accomplishing his task, never indulges at the time of receiving marks as compare to that student who is self reliant.

The best course to start work is own capacity. Self reliance always brings cheers over the faces of self dependent. Regression is the destiny of relying over others.
Jan 23, 2012
Student Talk / How to enhance my English? [52]

A Practical English Grammar by Thomas & Martinet

for me, it was a perfect book.
Jan 7, 2012
Writing Feedback / Do we live better than our forefathers? [3]

The emergence of advanced technology has made humankind to live luxurious life. Today, people indulge themselves with modern innovations, which did not exist in precedent years. Current era has coddled men with e-commerce, advanced communication ways, video conferences, digital libraries and so on. These inventions instigate men to strive more. Due to the contemporary modernism, world is called global village.

In precedent years it was impossible to cure many diseases. In the same way, it was very hard for people to perform Hajj, go abroad for education and contact with cronies with communication channel of that time. In previous years, our forefathers use to study on lamps. They worked mostly in the agriculture field. They had no machines to finish job sooner. Similarly, they had no proper hospitals and medicines for their cure. Previous manufactured were handmade; and much of the time consuming in making.

These days, people are one touch away from their cronies. Modern civilization and industrialization have created more job opportunities. Populace choose career of own wish and do job accordingly. In contemporary world, we talk about artificial heart transplantation, hair transplantation, face surgery and so on. Moreover, men have reached moon, and are trying to explore other planets.This was not possible in the prior years. At present, fast transportation system has made common and businessmen to accomplish their work in short span. Science has made time saver machines these days.

Surely, we live more prosperous life as compare to our forefathers. Current life is incomparable with the earlier one. Modern innovations initiate men to live more comfortable life, and "the day is not far from us, when our small tribe would be pampering at Mars".
Jan 4, 2012
Undergraduate / 'I love to travel' - Georgetown's essay [5]

I my self have studied business. If any one would have asked me; what did I learn from that field, I would say:

1. Time management
2. Management of the resources
3. Improved my communication skills
4. My network of cronies increased
5. It helped me to how to motivate others
6. How to use people( I had to use some people)

I guess, you can add some of them, if you like them.
Jan 4, 2012
Writing Feedback / 'The Internet area - blessing or curse?' - check & point out my mistakes [3]

In current era, internet is entailed in almost every one's life. This modern invention have made life easier. It is the internet , which instigate a student to join digital library. Today people, while sitting at their home, offices etc, make video conference with the help of the Internet. In precedent years, people communicated with the help of letters, but now they can make video convention. Without the invention of the internet, it was impossible to purchase any item, which a person requires, while sitting in the personal cage. In the same manner, it has pampered men, when they get bore.

But every coin has two sides. With having the enormous merits, it has got obnoxious image too. With the invention of the internet, user and specially students have been found indulging themselves in wasting their precious time by watching films, playing games, chatting and so on. In the same way, populace have become lazy and they are very rarely observed to take their time and go out to purchase any thing. In precedent year, people use to read more but today, they invest their precious time in watching movies. It deteriorates the career of the student too. Ostensibly, it help student, but in actual it makes them to copy the material from internet and paste in their assignment; by which they remain ignorant regarding their assigned topic.

It is the knife which cuts fruits and neck. In the same way, user of the internet know the remuneration as well as demerit of the internet, knowingly they coddle themselves as they wish to.