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Jul 20, 2016
Writing Feedback / Why money are very important factor in today's world? [5]

Since prehistory, human being have been using something to exchange the things they have to get the things they want, for example, they exchanged meat with rice, or maybe they offered some services to get some food, actually these practices still happen until now. But now, we can use money with different value to get things we want.

The concept of money has been helping peoples in doing transaction. We don't have to bring such a big things to exchange it with our need, just bring a sheet of papers and we can get something, whether it goods or services. Now technology is getting better and faster, money has different shape or money has been upgraded. Now we can use credit card or internet banking to do some transaction, instantly and efficiently. So Money nowadays nominally has higher value but physically has a less value. Because money is a tool for economic transaction and human is an economic creature that is why money is very important factor in today's world, without money, it is hard for us to get what we need or we want. Peoples also struggles and compete to get money as much as they could, that is why money also considered as a root of problems in this world.

We cannot deny that we need money in our daily life need, we can use it as a tools and motivation to get a better live, but we also shouldn't put it at the first position in our life, because it can bring disasters in our life. As goes the saying : " dont ever underestimate the power of gold" which means , if we love money too much the bad thing will happen in our life.
Apr 28, 2016
Letters / Motivation Letter - expressing interest in studying at the Summer School of Physics [5]

Hello adouloumis

I also got a degree from physics, and I realize how difficult for me writing in English, because we got a lot of numbers and symbol instead of a lot of words. But so far I read your letter, you are a good writer and confident in personality..

I currently am at = I am currently at
I hope I will be able to join as a graduate student..
from this summer school are so invaluable to for me and for my future endeavors.

on whether I should to choose study Quantum Information and the underlying phenomena that govern the axioms of the Quantum Mechanics or whether I should focus on the Standard .....

i believe that by seeing..
in direct contrast in to the workshops

mewith some theuseful information for menecessary to finally making a decision.

During my studies at my University , ( You already told that..)
Apr 19, 2016
Writing Feedback / "What is your greatest strength?" - it is not only a tough question, but also philosophy question. [5]

If I have asked, "what is your greatest strength?" . Its gonna be a tough question for me. Why I say that, is because I confused with my own dream and I always afraid to walk ahead, full of hesitation and confusion, discontent and so idealistic. but for long meditation and journey of my thought I realized it is not only a tough question, but also philosophy question.

Most of us will tell others about our strength are according to our talents or interests,but I had seen a lot of peoples not saying it in deep philosophy. For one example, one of my friend, she said: "My greatest strength is I always think logic and make sense, and I can apply it in my daily life and ". But later I saw her , she only works in easy and comfort zone. Sometimes she tried to deceive or manipulate data for her own sake. So what is the point about her strength? if later it is no use for their life?.

Back to myself, I will not person ask me, what my greatest strength is first but I would rather ask what my weaknesses are, then i will answer what my greatest strength. Then my answer will be: My weakness is I am a proud person , and my greatest strength is I realized that I am a proud person!. Back to our nature as human, self control is the key, and self control comes from awareness. When I aware that I am a proud person, I can make a choice for myself. I think that is the fundamental strength for myself, aware about my own weakness and take control where will the path should I choose according to my weakness.

As goes saying that: " above sky there are a skies" , that is why i cannot related my strength to my talent or my ability to do something. For example, when I say that I am good at guitar, maybe Yngwie Maalmsteen will say my play is so bad. But by self control I can choose a condition where i could apply my ability to play simple music or my other talents.
Apr 19, 2016
Research Papers / Obesity in America Composition. I need your assistance revising my paper. [3]

in much of the world = in most of the world

slow motion crisis

one that has crept upon us over the years

plague society = plague the society

that can be reversed = that can be prevented

Not only are there a the number of health issues that are associated with obesity,

opening sentence a little bit confusing.. but the next paragraphs, the idea and information are so informative . Because I also a learner too , i think you are a good writer.
Apr 17, 2016
Scholarship / 'idea to simplify the system in more efficient and effective way' - Implementing change or reform [3]

How have you contributed to solving a challenge and to implementing change or reform?

I have an ability in problem solving, by using computer or an idea to simplify the system but made it more efficient and effective. I focused on data and several factors i found in my workplace. One of my work is , I made a system where a lot of administration can be linked in one application, so when we click one subject or lesson in the application, we can see several features. each features link to other files according to the structure we made. The files could be the score, Lesson Plan, Syllabus and several problems. Maybe the application is not using an advance program, but it works and useful. Other application i made is a test simulation, I named it Tesla ( Test simulation) . This application can be use to test a student using time based test, and it application use only a picture so it will save the paper. The idea of the test is using database that is Microsoft Access and the language i use is Pascal in Delphi 7. So each problem have a time according to the difficulty of the problem. the time showed in program will count down by itself when the application was starting. maybe it will make student nervous and scare, but it will teach them how to use time effectively and not underestimate the problem. In my teaching method, i always focus on concept and practical examples. For example when i teach about Newton Law, i will use equipment that we can see in our daily life such as, broom, table, bucket, even pencil. I will tell them something seem contradiction but its correct according to the law of nature. Why i focused on concept? in my place, the students is enforced to memories the formula, and i realized that its not effective and the student don't have their own life skills but good scores.