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Dec 19, 2009
Undergraduate / 'Fresh start revelation' - Stanford's intellect engaging prompt. [5]

Please tell me what you think.
People are engaged intellectually all the time. While some have troubles with math, others with engineering, some with psychology, I have troubles with my college essays.

What do college essays have anything to do with this?
Well, if you have to convey the whole image of an individual in just 500 hundred words, which might take four months to write and can change your entirely future, then those 500 words should be a very intellectual challenge.

Since the moment I brought home books about college essays, confusion started. Some books said I should show a particular and special interest in the school in apply, plus an aspiration and will to achieve great things with its education. My friend, Gary, on the other hand, decided to write about his fondness toward ham radio. Meanwhile, my school counselor insisted me on writing about my trips to Africa, which he thought would make me special. And eventually, at the end of October, all I got in hand were incomplete drafts about different hobbies and trips.

Revelation comes with a fresh start. When I decided to trash all the previous drafts and began with new, elaborate thoughts, the result came within just four hours and two cups of coffee. I don't need life-changing experiences, or special hobbies to draw attention on myself, the only thing I need is to know how to put my experience, even if it is simple and insignificant, into a reflection of myself to a larger and more important scale, to revitalize my aspirations and ambitions in just plain words that will make me a real human beings, not "superheroes" who hope to change the world and help people with their dreams.

My essay, with just 400 plain words about a one-week humanitarian trip to Laos, satisfied me at last, even though it didn't satisfy my parents or my counselor. Why? Because I can see myself in it.
Dec 18, 2009
Undergraduate / 'Accepted Student weekend' - Why Stanford a good place for you? [4]

Here is my rough draft, please tell me what you think.

Stanford Prompt 3

Upon a recent visit to San Francisco, I met a graduate from Stanford who is opening his own invest company. And during our conversation, he only brought up two things about Stanford, first is how annoyed he felt about his roommate every time the Big Game comes near, and second is how upset he is because most of his classmates have already been employed or opened their own business. To me, those two things are enough to set Stanford apart from other leading institutions of the world. Stanford is where people show an unconquerable love for their school and also where they try to ignite and embrace usefulness and flexibility in each of their students. Here, at Stanford, I can find values and traits that I worship, flexibility and diversity, echo the vitality and vibrantly intellect life of this place, I can find myself mesmerized by studies about macroeconomics and Chinese economic system done by professors such as John G. Gurley and Manuel Amador. Stanford's surroundings, its campus and lifestyle, all of these diverse pieces fit harmonically and coalesce together to make a unified whole. And it is only at Stanford where during the Accepted Student weekend, they don't talk about how luck you are to be at Stanford, but how lucky Stanford is to have you there. People like and only fit into where they are treasured and valued properly, and Stanford is place like that.
Dec 18, 2009
Writing Feedback / Viet Nam traffic [7]

I have been to VN too so i can see your picture pretty clear. But a new image isn't enough, you need more details and concrete examples. Btw, you also need to pay more attention on concision in your writing.
Dec 18, 2009
Undergraduate / My love for music....Stanford Short essay 2 [6]

I can see you try to point out your uniqueness, which is a good thing, but it should comes more naturally and has more things to do with the school.
Dec 18, 2009
Undergraduate / "a very diversified lifestyle" - Stanford's "Letter to roommate" [5]

Still about Stanford prompt No.2 I try to write another one.

"I'd like an honest and flexible roommate who respects my privacy. But he has to be also fun and easy to hang out with."

Well, my future roommate, in that case, you have found the right person.

People like honesty like bees like honey. But to me, honesty is only the second on my list of admirable traits. The first one is flexibility. This sounds strange, but I like people who adapt, who can change and admit their mistakes, people who don't just toss out their philosophy and do everything to stick with it. I like people who sit down and discuss, who don't insist on using the bathroom every Monday at 6 am. Those people are ground for great companionship and understanding.

I can pretty much get along with anything. High-tech addicts, history lovers or music experts are all my friends. I find great happiness from getting to know and befriend with people at places I visited, from a new Starbuck at the local mall to a small uptown Big Boy restaurant. Meanwhile, my field of conversation can range from Obama's latest package to vacation plans to Utah.

Despite my cursive handwriting and my style which people consider "florid", I worship simpleness and concision. I hate promotions with complicated steps and novels with unperceivable openings. I love to make charts and tables for my economic groups and do book-keep for my uncle's grocery store.

I lead a very diversified lifestyle. I love try-outs and putting myself into new challenges, from the pain of Airsoft to the dizziness coming from parachuting. I also try to write about everything, from movie review to sport analysis, which sadly didn't get mush good report Facebook. I love group projects, even though sometimes it might turn into an one-man work.

Lastly, just a head-up, I like instrumental music, so if it somehow depresses you, tell me to turn it off.
Dec 18, 2009
Student Talk / AP English Exam - test when you get a score of 1-5? [14]

AP Tests requires preparation and time, although i only spent a moth studying my History one, but i still advise you to read prep books several months in advance.
Dec 17, 2009
Undergraduate / something about you that will help your future roommate, Stanford Prompt 2 [4]

Virtually all of Stanford's undergraduates live on campus. What would you want your future roommate to know about you? Tell us something about you that will help your future roommate -- and us -- know you better.

THat is a Stanford's prompt, i think it's pretty popular. Here is my 1st draft, please feel free to tell me what you think.

Have you ever heard of Andrea Boticelli? Probably not. How about Sean Wayne and Chris Brown? Better? Don't worry, after one year with me, you will master the way of listening to random music as I do.

Aside from that unpredictable taste, any other thing that I do is pretty "tolerable" and easy-to-stand. First, I love to act and get everything done quickly. You will see that is a nice trait I have after several months not having to do the dishes.

I love to try opposite things, and though it makes me seem inconsistent, it totally fits into my philosophy: "Life is full of difficult decisions, why don't give everything a try?"

I love fairness AND inequality. Fairness is that everything, in my philosophy, should be shared equally. Inequality is that sometimes you will find yourself using the whole room for the entire week when I decide to move my stuffs to Starbucks.

I love sharing AND solitary. Sharing is that you can find consultation from me about anything, from Cal problems to your annoying laptop. Solitary is that once in a while, I will disappear for a few days retreating to a motel room trying to finish my term paper.

I love Casablanca AND Transformers. So if you catch me watching a Classic one night, don't hesitate to give me a call when you need company to the movie.

I am a big fan of environmentalism AND consumerism. I find great interest in buying strange devices and different clothes, but if you need a hand recycle bottles and newspapers, I'm in. I love fast car and want some day can buy one myself, but riding a bike along the beach gives me enjoyment as well.

Last, if you ask me about partying, everything I'd say is: "Follow the flow of life, and you will find where you should stand".

To know anything else about me, please wait until I have got admitted.

Thank everyone for reading.