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Aug 26, 2016
Writing Feedback / Information about percentage of passengers satisfaction level of US air travel service [2]

The chart provides us information about precentage of passangers satisfaction level of US air travel service in 1999, 2000 and 2007. The table which assisted within the chart, give the details of satisfaction indicators. Overall, the number of satisfied customers was increased gradually and peaked to 72% in current year.

From 1999 to 2000 the figure of satisfied people rose by 4% ( at the precentage 65% to 69%) while people who were not satisfied decreased by the same number. The disastified category shows a negative trends in period. It fell down by 8% during eight years. In 2007, only 24% of people felt disastified with their air trip experiences.

Good service from flight attendants was the most significant factor why people enjoy travel with air plane, because the satisfaction precentage always rises until 92 % by years. Furthermore, only 47% of people felt the seats were comfortable in 2007 (the data in 1999 and 2000 were not provided). The ticket price became more reasonable for the passengers during poll period, satisfied people rose significantly by 20% and reached 65% according to the last year of this survey. On the other hand, satisfaction in courtesy of check in either gate agents was fluctuative, and drop to 88% in 2007. For schedule flight aspect, after rose by 4% to 79% in 2000, the precentage was remainly constant.

Aug 26, 2016

Good nutrition in food somehow important to boost children performances in school. You are what you eat, said some nutritionist to mention how healthy meals influence people activities. Does complete diet with less junk food - really affect to children learning effectiveness?

In several development countries, such as Ghana, Bangladesh and Ethiopia, bad nutrition has becoming an issue related to children health and their education. An extreme starvation condition in those countries brought their children into dying, even death. How we can talk about learning in effective way, meanwhile there are hungers children who could not doing activities as children in healthy environment and have enough food? Before we put healthy meal into a debate, the availability of food still remained as a crucial problem for some countries in the world.

Regarded to the the illustration above, I take the link between food and children activities for this context is in learning. Brain needs sufficient nutrition to doing its activities, some scientist said that you hard to think well when you are hungry. Furthermore, there are certain food which can develop brain performances for instance, seafood and others high protein food. Children who like eat junk food have a bigger risk to obesity which can causes to laziness when doinf physical and mental activities. Children get easier to feel sleepy in the class because junk food could not be transformed into sufficient energies those children need to get along during school hours.

To avoid the exceeds of unhealthy food consumptions, parents should take their responsibility to provide children with a healthy lunch box everyday. School have to consider a policy about which kind of food can be sold in cafeteria as well. In my opinion, environment is important to build a healthy eat habit in children. They may learn in happy mood and show great results because they have fit body to doing much activities.
Aug 24, 2016
Writing Feedback / Gadget or electronic media are important but they also harm our direct comunication [4]


I would be so grateful for ur feedback!

Gadget or electronic media whose important function to help people works in daily, as opposite has some disadvantages on the way we communicate directly. In my opinion, I agree that gadget can bring us into some interpersonal relation problem. However, the exceeds of using gadget will restrict people from take a relax time over their job.

People sometimes say, electronic media such as Tv, radio, smartphone, and laptop is necessary for communication purpose and doing everyday tasks easily and effectively. Especially smartphone and laptop which connected to internet are two essential equipment for people's errands nowadays. For example, when in work, people received and sent more than ten emails related their business. They transferred to do list, progress presentation, and project draft to other colleagues by using internet. However, email tends to be the most conventional way, because nowadays people has invented much more platform to boost either their company or organization's performances. People consider storing their documents in Gdrive or Dropbox, arranging short and long terms goals on Trello, or having a long-distance meeting through Skype.

On the other hand, electronic media causes several negative impacts to social interaction as well. Even it help us to check our errands to be done, we forced into a situation where we have unlimited time to deal with our business. It would carry us to overwhelmed work everyday, furthermore we forgot to sit back and relax with friend and family either. In addition, people who depends too much on virtual communication instead of face to face meeting, will turn to socially awkward when jumped into real conversation. We can see this in daily life, we met one or some persons and all of us more often than not checked messages or facebook notification during the meeting.

All in all, I believe that electronic media is very useful to make us more productive in work either keep in touch with family, friends, and officemates. However, I think if we spent too much times to look into our gadget screen, it will take us out of warmth and intense real moment with people we love and ourselves as well
Aug 15, 2016
Writing Feedback / Dealing with people is the most essential skills according to choices of 60% respondents in 1997 [2]


This table shows us the result of two surveys in 1997 and 2006. Those surveys conducted the percentage of which communication skills were essential in their job. The communication itself consist of two main different types; external and internal (within company). Therefore, external communication skills are more likely reached higher percentages in both years.

Dealing with peoples is the most essential skills according to choices of 60% respondents in 1997. The percentages went up by 5% in latest year. However, external communication skills show the result no less than at 21%. The next thing is only selling a product or service was gone down from 24% to 21%.

In contrast, internal communication skills merely reach 47% respondents in aspect listening carefully to the college, has rose by 9% from previous survey as well. On the other hand, making speeches or presentation got least attention from people comparing to the others skills. Only 11% of respondents thought making speeches or presentation was important in 2006, even though the rates increased by 4%.