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Oct 24, 2017
Scholarship / Chevening will allow me to hone my leadership as I met other leaders from the Chevening community [4]

"It's never too late to learn"

I must admit, I'm a late bloomer for this aspect. I used to love works behind the stage and enjoying the freedom of not having to be responsible for anything. That is until I learn the joy of being entrusted as a division head in my university event. There were many struggles as I was forced to learn my weaknesses as a leader and I have to cover up other's weaknesses too. But I managed to successfully complete my task and use this experience as my basis to learn more about being a better leader.

Right now, I am currently in my 2nd year of my job, and I have led a few projects as the designer. Once there was a problem between our company and one of our main contractor. It was a simple misplacement of the building materials, but it blown up because the deadline is near and we can't afford even a small deviation in our time schedule. The heat goes even higher because of a miscommunication with the security guard as they feel like they're the one who must take responsibilities for the misplacement. I managed to calm the situation and came with a solution for both sides. Although because of this case the tension between the security guard and our contractor never really calmed down, it gradually gets better in times.

Recently, my Supervisor went on a study trip with a few people in our company. Me and one of my coworker is entrusted as the substitute leader for our project division. This is a new experience for me and I enjoy it deeply. I learned to consult my coworker's works and help them to improve their design. I have to admit that I'm a bit overwhelmed at the beginning because I also have to cover for others, but I managed to slowly recuperate and keep up with the pace.

In conclusion, I still need to develop my leadership skill to be a better leader and I believe that Chevening will allow me to hone my leadership as I met other leaders from the Chevening community.
Oct 25, 2017
Scholarship / Chevening Post Study Plan: Helping Indonesia Using Data [5]

hi @aulianindia

This is an interesting essay, but half of your essay is about the background of your study plan. you only give one paragraph as your main topic and i think that you need to explain it in a more detail way. how sure are you that your big data research will bring Indonesia to a better quality of life? you need to explain clearly what's your plan step by step. hopefully you get what I mean and improve your essay.

cheers as a fellow indonesian student :)
Oct 25, 2017
Scholarship / Dreams become goals when I am trying hard to catch them [3]

hi @Patistrying
love your username :)

a few short revision from me,

I'm eager to give all of my professional knowledges,.........

[remove this] the specific knowledge of biologic ..., they are booming over the world in this era-> i think this would be better: [I believe it is crucial for improving my country's healthcare technology]
Oct 25, 2017
Scholarship / My UK post study career plan; British-Indonesian cooperation towards sustainable development [4]

my ideas for the future

I believe that UK is planning on helping Indonesia towards a sustainable development and I'm wishing to be a part of it by joining the Chevening program and bring changes to my country. It's a growing worry in me seeing how bad Indonesia is at keeping its environment. If this trend continues with nobody to stop it, Indonesia will face a disastrous effect in near future. As one of the top emitter of greenhouse gasses, a more sustainable development might just be the solution to stop this trend.

After I finished my study in UK, my main plan would be to apply to a government agency focused on space planning such as Dinas Tata Ruang ( Department of Space and City Planning), Dinas Perumahan dan Gedung Pemerintah ( Department of Housing and Governmental Building), or something related on that field. Indonesia is a growing country with a great focus on improving infrastructure. I wish to be a part of those improvement while underlining the importance of sustainability in the development. There are many big cities in Indonesia that need a serious care with its sustainability. Jakarta, where I live is one of the most polluted city in south east Asia. This speaks a lot about the concern level of Indonesian with sustainability. With my study about sustainable design, I want to help bring Indonesia building towards a more ecological, systematic and sustainable city.

Another plan in my mind would be to apply on various universities as a lecturer to teach the new students on sustainability studies. As I become a lecturer, I could sharpen and deepen my research on sustainability while passing the knowledge that I learned in UK to another future architect. I want to ensure that what I learned while in UK would not go to waste by staying idle and not improving myself.

In a longer term, I wish to be one of the participant that create a law in Indonesia about the sustainability issues. Indonesia is one of the country that lack a proper law in controlling city development. There are many countries that already using sustainability studies as the basis for building construction. LEED certification for example, is used as a standard in many western countries when a new building is being built. I want to implement that idea in Indonesia so that all the new building in the future will be a building that care about its environment.

These are my career plan that I have thought carefully and I want to focus all my might in reaching my goal of creating a sustainable Indonesia in the future so that we can stand tall and prideful as a country with a clear sustainable development program.
Oct 25, 2017
Scholarship / Everyone is a leader and an influencer in his live. Chevenig essay about leadership. [5]


rather than saying the quality of a leader, i think it would be better for you to give a concrete example of how you act as a leader and influencer. for that, you can remove this part : [ In my opinion, a leader should ... And that is what I did. ] and change it into an example of your case.
Oct 26, 2017
Writing Feedback / Exercise or a balanced diet to health? Discussion essay. [7]


"... by doing exercise. In other words, exercise helps ..."

Remove in other words, because in other ...

"A healthy diet could avoid consuming ..."

I think you mean should and not could. and also, use comma instead of period in ".... body function properly, a healthy diet ..."
Oct 29, 2017
Scholarship / University of Nottingham, College London and Leeds. My study in UK chevening Essay [3]

Hi, my name is Alvin and I'm planning on applying to chevening 2017 with my field of study in urban design, as explained by this essay.

do please help advising and revising my essay so that it may be considered for a chevening application.

thanks in advance!

Studying in the UK Question

Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future.

*Please do not duplicate the information you have entered on the work experience and education section of this form (minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

My dream is to be an agent of change in my country in the field of sustainable building and city. Sustainable study in architectural recently took a rise in trends, as the trends of global warming keeps increasing by an alarming rate. Indonesia, being one of the most populated country in the world certainly took a part as greenhouse gases emitters. Therefore, it came to my minds that I need to take a graduate degree to help me focusing on this specific field of study. After a careful search, I came into decision to pick 3 Universities in UK as my courses option if I were to be accepted as a Chevening scholarship awardee.

University of Nottingham - Sustainable Urban Design(MArch)

This MArch program is suited for my ideal of a sustainable urbanism because they encourage the students to develop a problem-solving skill through design proposal. This course is made to made the students be environmentally aware and supportive of holistic sustainable practices while encouraging design experimentation and creativity for problem solving. What pick my interest in this study is because the course is because it specifically calls for design proposals rather than theoretical work, designed to enhance the quality of existing cities through design that responds to the cities current opportunities and challenges.

University College London - Built Environment (Environmental Design and Engineering) (MSc)

The Bartlett, well known in Architectural world as one of the top destination to study architecture is no strangers for us architect. This program aims to develop knowledge and expertise in problem solving and innovative thinking in the design and operation of buildings, placing environmental issues in a global, national, and personal context. What interest me into taking the study in UCL is because of their strong focus on built environment that has been a world class university and their commitment to always adapted to meet the needs of its intake.

University of Leeds - Sustainable Cities (MSc)

This program is by far the most interesting studies that I found while researching for my Master degree. It really resonates with what I'm looking in a sustainability study. The program teaches the key system that make up sustainable cities and focusing on honing the student's academic and practical knowledge. What really interest me in University of Leeds is their tackles on sustainability challenges. The students will learn about energy system, transport networks, housing provision, and urban ecosystems, aiming to transform a city to produce better economic, environmental, and social outcomes. Their course sees their students graduate into city government, consultancy, NGO's and beyond which is really suit what I'm looking for in my graduate program.

All those courses are really relevant to my career plan as an urban designer focused on sustainability. My architectural undergraduate background works as a base for a deeper study in the fields of urban designs. By finishing my study in one of this three universities will bring me one step closer towards realizing my dream.

(word counts :491 of 500)
Nov 3, 2017
Scholarship / My networking essay for Chevening - A valuable networks for a better future [3]

help me to revise and improve my networking essay for chevening scholarship application.

Networking Question

Chevening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your networking skills, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future.

(minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

I firmly believe that networking is one of the key to success in this era of globalization. Networking often lead open a path one can't get through alone. I also met many that share the same view with me towards many things in life. I get to trade stories and experiences from a different point of view which made me an open-minded person.

I used to love playing online game while I was in university, and there are some valuable networks that I earn through gaming that surprises me one way after another. I met the dean of IT department from a certain university through gaming, and I keep a good relationship with him even long after I stop playing that game. I even got my first earned money through him. A small side job, but nevertheless it's earned through my own efforts.

I'm also one of the activist in my church youth community, and I use this opportunity to enlarge my circle and met other activist in my church. One of the activist that I met is the CEO of a big online shop in Indonesia. I'm amazed with his way of thinking and his success in keeping up with his activities as a CEO and a church activist. I learned many things from him, both work related and church related. Recently, he shared to me his business ideals, and teach me how to see a smart investment. I intend to keep on learning from him so that I can improve myself and know how to be a good leader like him.

My company is a child company from a large developer group in Indonesia and my CEO is one of the right-hand from the owner. I build a good relationship with her and I got plenty advices for both work and personal things and now she agreed to give me a reference letter for my scholarship application. I also met many people from my work circle that turn into a precious network for my job and me personally. Through them I got some side jobs that earns me some extra income. I also get to learn many things that I normally wouldn't learn in my own profession since they all have different background and experience.

My networks consist of all important and precious people I met throughout my life and I planned on enhancing this network which has been proven to be good for my improvement as a person. I believe that through Chevening I will be able to improve my networks by meeting a new people from another country and exchanging thought and ideas with them for the future.

wordcount: 442 of 500 words.

Since the application date is nearby, I would really appreciate if you can help reviewing my other essay that I post and revised in the comment section.