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May 1, 2010
Speeches / "to become a good human being and a good doctor" - speech, need ending [3]

Madam toastmaster, Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow toastmasters and
welcome guest.

I am in front of you to present my icebreaker speech. Every body knows what ice breaking speech is. We have to introduce our self to our fellow toastmaster.

So to begin with, William shakesper wrote, all the world is stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrance. Well, I made my entry 29 years back. I am born and brought up in India, a district place called Akola I have one younger brother and one elder sister. My father is a politician and currently holding a

Position of a vice president of congress in Maharashtra and brother and sister both are lawyers my sister has done LLM and she is a law officer. My husband has completed MS from Wichita State University, College of Engineering, Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. He works for wipro as project manager and his current

Assignment is with delta airline for the northwest and delta integration.

My memories from childhood during festival called Diwali, we went to native place Akot. When I went there I meet with an accident I had a fall in biogas plant while I was playing. I was fully drowned into plant only my hairs were seen, one of maid working near by saw me and pulling my hair she took me out of the plant. Because of her I was saved that day. I will never forget this incident in my life.

I have completed my high school from RLT college and bachelors from HM college, Akola. After my bachelors I have started preparing for entrance to get into Masters Program. I have given an entrance exam. and secured good score and got admitted in general medicine. During first year of MD I got married and came to United state. After coming here, It was totally a new experience for me. I left my friends, relative and every one in India. It was quit challenging for me to cope up with this new environment. Every thing was new for me such as new People, culture, language and the way of shopping which I like :).

I started driving in USA, it was fully new experience actually the rules were not only different but also entirely opposite. It was very difficult to understand every thing, when I gave knowledge test and got my learning permit. I was very happy.

People in united state are very different. Their culture is totally different. As the people in Minneapolis are very friendly I managed to adjust properly. One of my friend said that as they are very helpful and disciplined they are recognized as Minnesota nice.

Last but not the least; I want to become a good human being and a good doctor. I want to mould myself to become most powerful and strong personality, and always want to stay on the top in my carrier.

Please help me to give a nice ending.
Mar 31, 2010
Writing Feedback / Obesity is a big problem in most of the countries [3]

"Obesity is a big problem".

Obesity is major problem in most of the countries. American government had passed a law in which the McDonalds cannot give toys to children with the junk food. McDonalds clown is also asked to get retire. Obesity is major issues for children, adults and especially for women. Obesity leads towards heart disease and diabetes.

To begin with, Children are more attracted to the junk food because of all business tricks. Like in Resturent children are given toys with every junk meal. Therefore children are at high risk as they have habit to run behind the junk food. Parent should have major concerns to teach their children which food is healthy.

Secondly men, those have high intake of starch diet and junk foods in their meals are in pick point to increase their weight. People those consume soda, aerated drinks lead to increase weight. Those who are retired or doing sedentary job are also victim of obesity.

Furthermore, Women those have kids, just don't bother about their weight.
Doctors said that "the main problem is that people don't have habit of exercise in their daily routine". So every one should make an effort to create an awareness about the

importance of exercise in daily routine. But nowadays bollywood stars has took major step forward to reduce weight and gain zero size figure example, karrena kapoor. So many girls aspire to have zero size.

To sum up with, people should have healthy food like salad, fruits and sprouts in their diet. They should do daily actives atleast thirty mins a day. So that they can maintain weight and stay healthy. People should join weight reducing programs to reduce weight.
Mar 18, 2010
Writing Feedback / "Eco Friendly India". TOEFL essay. [3]

"Eco Friendly India".

India has largest population and biggest pollution creating vehicles. It has population in trillion in which many are manual labor. But the Indian economy is growing faster. India is one of the countries whose economy is growing stronger other countries are Russia, China and Brazil(RICB). India can be most Eco friendly place till 2020. How it can happen I am going to explain in further paragraphs.

Firstly, India has immense solar energy, which can be utilizes. Indian has launched a car which is called Reva. Reva is echo friendly electrical car and which works on solar energy unfortunately only 3000 cars are only sold up till now. This car has speed 80km/hr. It is a small and compact car which can be swiftly and safely can drove on Indian road. The other car is nomenclated as Leaf which is going to be launched in next Year.

Secondly, Indian has temple in Shirde, Where they make use of solar cookers. Meals are cooked for thousand of people every day, not single devotee goes empty stomach from there. This way there is saving of LPG and many trees are being saved from cutting. There is no pollution as there is no burning of wood is taking place for cooking. Similarly, in indian military many solider are also fed with the help of these solar cookers.

Thirdly, there are many villages in India where there is no light in there houses. They have to light the house by kerosene lamps. In which kerosene is very costly and common man cannot afford it. Salvo is type of light which nowadays is make into use to brighten many such houses, these light work also on solar energy for which they not even have to pay heavy bills to the electrical board. It get recharge by sunlight.

Finally, solar geezers are use in my houses. Indian government is providing subsidy on these geezers. Which helps the common man to purchase it in less prize.

All in all, in this way solar energy is not wasted and make into use in different ways. Ultimately, Green technology will help India to become pollution free till 2020.
Mar 10, 2010
Writing Feedback / TOEFL:Sport may be dangerous if we will become possessed by it too much. [3]

there are a lot of young children how practice sport.START WITH THE CAPITAL LETTER NEW PARA.
There are lot Of young children Who practice sport.
Some of them play games which they love, soccer or basketball, others practice the sport that their parents have obliged them. Whatever the reasons for what the young children practice sport, practicing sport has some advantages and disadvantages.

This skill will be useful for them to became brave and solve their problems and issues easily.On the other hand , spending (BEFORE COMMA THERE IS NEAR A SPACE. BUT AFTER THAT IS THERE)On the other hand, spending much time in practicing sport by young children has other consequences that can negatively affect the entire life of the young child.
Mar 8, 2010
Writing Feedback / Sharuk Khan! He is my favorite hero. [6]

If you could meet a famous entertainer or athlete, who would that
be, and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your
Entertainment is such a powerful medium because of which the person in any condition can manage to be happy for a while.
During watching movies, he forget every worries, he is facing in his stressful life. Entertainer has very difficult job to make people get involve with them. May be that may be in forms of singing, comedy and acting. If I would get an opportunity to meet famous personality then I would like to meet sharuk khan.

Firstly, I like to began with saying I like to meet him because he is my favorite hero. Since I have born, I have grown up with watching his movie. He is dedicated person who devotes whole time for his work and family. He is one of the famous personalities from India and the richest person still he has strong incentive to work whole day and night.

Secondly, he is a good person by nature. He respect all human may be rich or poor. He started this carrier in very early age. When he came to mumbai he has no relatives, no friend there. He has to stay on foot path for 1year. After striving hard he got job in acting in tv serial called "Circus" his acting carrier stared from here. He got recognized from his work in "Circus. He had no god father with him who would had promote him. He worked very, very hard and got such name and fame. He has worked in thousand of films which had owe him many award for his acting in it.

To sum up with, I like to meet sharuk khan because he is hard working, determinant, good actor and good human being by nature.
Mar 4, 2010
Writing Feedback / the Earth is being harmed (damaged) by human activty. [2]

Some people believe thatSome people believe that the Earth is being harmed (damaged) by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Mar 2, 2010
Writing Feedback / "Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can" it's better to save money [4]

Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

"Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can." John Wesley.
Money is more important in life. Without money we cannot live in this world. For all sorts of things we need money. For basic needs, we should have money other wise we will starve and die. When we earn money we should spend as much we need. Otherwise we should save as much we can.

Firstly, money has become very important factor in everyone life. If we don't earn money means we are no where, nobody respect us and we fail to make our own existence. If we earn money then we are capable of staying as we want. That means we become self dependent. This ability of self dependence gives us ability to survive any where in the world. We don't need support of any one but we can be support of someone.

Secondly, money gives us power, to do so many things. We can spend it or save. It gives us enjoyment when we spend and gives pain when we don't have it. But we should always save money. We never know when we will need money. When the critical circumstances come on us? For example, when I was small my grand mother was ill. She had to be hospitalized she had a fall in a bathroom and had fractured her left leg. She was asked to under go operation of hip. As there was dislocation of hip joint. As my father saved money he was able to give money for her operation in one movement.

To sum up, we should always save money as it is hard to earn and easy to spend.
please check and give me feedback. Thank you.
Feb 23, 2010
Writing Feedback / Do you like to eat at home or hotel? [6]

I am very fond of eating different type of cuisine. As in my home, my parents taught me to eat food which is prepared at home. But I like to eat my food in hotel as well as in home. I prefer to eat food more at home when it is convenient.

To begin with, eating food in hotel or restaurant is in fashion these days. Some people go to restaurant just to hang around or many go to have nice food. In hotel we can get food ready made without wasting time and energy. In student life it is more important to study than cook food and eat so as to build carrier. I will prefer to go hotel then eating at home so I can manage time to give more towards studies and save my energy in cooking food. In hotel I can study as well as eat at same time. Food in hotel is not healthy, because we never know how the food is cooked whether it is stale? In hotel we always have junk food. Junk food ruined our health.

Secondly, food at home is cooked by our hands. We always take care it should be fresh, nutritive, healthy and tasty. I love trying different recipe which are low calories. With that I can take care of my health and diet. So that in future I should not face more problem with my health. Again to add more at home I can cook food as I want.

To sum up with, I prefer to have food at home, Which will keeps me healthy wealthy and wise.