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Sep 29, 2010
Writing Feedback / Knowledge of book is mandatory to learning new things as well as to continue old incomplete research [3]

Despite theory gives deep knowledge about particular subject, there is no use of that theory if it is not applicable in field or it fails to perform desire result. This failure of theory is come to known only by practical experience...

Proverb is already stated in asking statement thats why i said that...therefore said is true that...

suggest me if there are more corrections....
Sep 28, 2010
Writing Feedback / Knowledge of book is mandatory to learning new things as well as to continue old incomplete research [3]

It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

The knowledge from book and knowledge form experience is a counterpart of each other. Knowledge of book is mandatory to learning new things as well as to continue old incomplete research. Despite theory gives deep knowledge about particular subject, there is no use of it if it is not applicable in practical or if it fails in practical. This abolishment of theory comes to known by practical experience. Therefore said is true that not everything that is learned is contained in books.

The book is a foundation of building and experience is superstructure of it. Building is incomplete without foundation as well as only with foundation. Book is source of knowledge, but while it comes in practical use it may differ from theory which explained in book. The reason behind this is, it is possible to imagine each and everything in book but in practical one may face difficult situation which is not prescribed in book. Moreover, book can't explain practical things as good as experienced in practical work. It may possible that one's field experience lead to change the theory of book.

Secondly, we prefer to take education in higher school or in graduation, but it is useless if we don't know how to apply in field. For example, if one know all about television. Though, he or she has theoretical knowledge about TV. Like how to repair and all, it is useless until they performed it practically. They can't confirm with theory until they perform practically. Indirectly they are trained for practical situation. This is reason behind, why colleges provide internship to medical student before giving degree and why colleges should include industrial training in curriculum.

To sum up, knowledge gained from book is primary level to learn particular things. Knowledge is incomplete without knowledge of practical experience.
Sep 28, 2010
Writing Feedback / TOEFL:Pets should be treated like family & Reasons for why it is so [2]

TOEFL essay
Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
Pets should be treated like family members.
Give reason to support your opinion.

In today's generation, pet becomes a favorite among the people. People love to domesticate animal. If people are interested to adopt any animal they should take proper care of them. Although, pets are not family member, it requires all the care which should require for a family member.

I think that I should take care for the entire thing which associated with my life. In my case if I fail to take care of it then it will not be with me for longer. If I or any other person going to domesticate animal, they should care for them to be longer with them. For example, If someone domesticate a dog and couldn't able to feed it on time. What will happen? The dog will going to sick or may found another source of food. Despite, owner going to feed that animal scarcely, it creates more gap between relationship of dog and its careless owner. Therefore little care is equal to the no care. Moreover, we either spend time for pets or don't adopt it.

Of course, no one wants to let away their pets, but if one adopted it, one should know requirement of it. As if we have pets, we should care for them like our child. They require all the activities which one child deserve. For example, they should have bath, everyday. Also they need free walk as well as play to being out from suffocation. They are not different than a life or a human being. They need all the activities which one retire person do.

In case, one has pets, but can't spend invaluable time for pets. What will happen if pets will not have bath since a week? It will lead to grow the germs on the skin of pets. If pets come in contact with any person, then it will spoil hygienity of not only home but also oneself. In result, it will become danger for oneself. Furthermore, is it better to pets starving due to our carelessness? Animal is not a human being, therefore they can't communicate with human. If they are starving, then may do anything which seems like madness.

People are often taking care of their pets as a family member. By considering this, Technology come to the step that one can flourish pets on computer, that is electronic pets. In this, one can feed cat, play with cat on the computer and if they are unable to feed pets then pets starve for that moment and may die. This is innovated by considering interest of people for caring their pets.

Hence, it is necessary to care for pets as a family member to remain hygienic as well as maintain health of the pets.

Sep 28, 2010
Essays / "How-To" Essays... How to start them (for example: making peanut butter cookies) [3]

follow this step..it may help you
-->choose you favorite topic
--> make out line of topic
-->think basic about topic n shoot it in introduction
further part you know because u said...
i always have trouble getting started, but once im started i can usually get it done easily

best of luck
Sep 7, 2010
Writing Feedback / Nation-state is an outmoded institution and should replaced with a world government. [2]

All countries have their own ruler (president) or dominant people who make rules or discard rules according to well thinking of citizens. All rulers handle their countries by scanning problems of citizens. All countries have different kind of people with different religions, language and culture. So it is not possible to handle all problems of the world by single person. Single person will not appropriate to understand the entire problem. I think that the nation-state is best institution rather replaced with a world government.

First of all, all countries have different kind of people. They will approach to their ruler who is only from their country and who can understand their problem. They will also found easy to convenience their problems to their own ruler. If it replaced with a world government, then to approve any rule may take long time, because of a world government. It will go on long process.

Secondly, people feel inadequate if they has ruler from other country. The way of thinking of people is different in different country. Any inadequate decision or rule may create dispute among the government and people. This dispute create problem on an international level. Perhaps, it may worsen and may lead to war.

Hence, nation-state is an appropriate institution for having fewer disputes among ruler and people. It becomes easy to solve any problem of people if have a nation-state institution. We should also have hyper authority to solve dispute between countries, but it doesn't mean that nation-state institution should be replaced with a world government.

suggest me is their any correction and whether i should include more in this essay
Sep 7, 2010
Writing Feedback / The extended family less important; 'not bother to contact relatives anymore' [4]

it is better if you write this in short sentences.
However, the influence of the extended family on each members has abated in the modern society, due to the longer distance between where they live, less time for them to be together, fewer common topics to talk about when they are reunited, a larger social circle of each one of them and so on.

one's time has been already occupied thoroughly by his work currently, and thereby hardly could he spare some quality time for his big family....i didn't understand this..i think you want to say that No one can spare time for their big family due to highly engage in their work...
Sep 6, 2010
Writing Feedback / Past gives us preponderance experience which might be good or bad [4]

TOEFL ESSAY- Learning about past has no value for those of us living in the present.(do you agree/disagree)

Someone gave invaluable statement that: "Past is an experience, present is an experiment and future is an expectation". This statement teaches us about improving our future by remembering past experience. Past teaches us lots of lessons. Learning those lessons is crucial for our happiness in the future. Therefore I don't think that Learning about past has no value for those of us living in the present.

Past gives us preponderance of experience which might be good or bad. Good experiences are seldom remembered by people but no one can forget their bad experiences. Bad experiences leave indelible image on one's mind and these teach people that they should not follow their mistake again. If they again encounter in same problem then it becomes easy to come out from that problem for those who have learn from their past experience. They can also give suggestion to other who is suffering from same problem. For example, every business man or entrepreneur start his or her business from basic level. In starting of business he or she might be encounter some major problem like wrong output of business, penalty for faulty work, unsuccessful to grab tender and etc. But from these things he or she could learn their mistake and these experiences may be most useful for him or her to become a successful entrepreneur.

Additionally, rules made by government are based on their past experience. They made all rules for citizen to avoid accident, crime which happen in past. For example, everyone knows that wearing helmet is always good for bike rider. Many evidences are available which state that bike rider had save his or her life in mishap only due to wearing helmet. According to this study government made rules that wearing helmet is compulsory for bike rider which they learn from past mishaps. Similarly rule of wearing seatbelt while driving a car, the ban on drunken driving etc., all these are example of improving life by past experience.

On the other hand, some people think that thinking about past loses their present fun. They think that one should forget about past and future to enjoy present. But I think that this is seems narrow minded thinking. They can't become success in their future life because they don't care about their mistake and don't have any future plans.

Hence, learning about past has precious value, because it help us to improve our future life as well as alerting us about what we should do in present.
Aug 15, 2010
Writing Feedback / Transportation is one of the source which convert area from rural to urban [5]

thanx vaishali...ur comment is right..if I write introduction part like
There are so many type of transportation and also there are so many factor affect on it.To have effective transportation both,good road, highway and good source of transportation,will required. Though,we have many sources of transportation,but without good road it becomes costly.

...can u suggest me grammatical mistake??...n i m preparing for toefl exam, can u suggest me wht kind of improvement should i do...
Aug 15, 2010
Writing Feedback / Transportation is one of the source which convert area from rural to urban [5]

should government spend more money to improving road and highways, or should governments spend money on improving public transportation (buses,trains,subways)?

Transportation is one of the key factors which help to convert area from rural to urban. It increase communication between two places and it may be country to country, state to state or rural place to urban place. It is mandatory to have a good infrastructure development and proper maintenance of it for having effective transportation. However, we have many sources of transportation, but without good roads it becomes costly.

I think that government should spend more money to improving road and highway, because, we have best facility of transportation like vehicle from reputed company or having good bus service despite there is no use if we haven't proper road. If roads are in bad condition and have so many poth holes, had settled in many area, have not been proper maintained, then it will become a reason for consume more fuel for transportation. Also vehicle reduce its life due to bad road. At the last it will affect on cost of transportation. Increase in consumption of fuel and increase in cost of maintenance of vehicle will hike the price of transportation. Also there are many cause of accident due to bad road. For example, In India NH-8 comes at second rank in heavy traffic in Asia. At the time before a construction of six lane of NH-8, there was big trouble to solve the traffic of that road. Traffic was mostly due to accident, due to distract the vehicle and breakdown the vehicle on road. Now they have made a six lane road and provide big divider between road to prevent vehicle from distracting and if anyone get breakdown then it's easy to give path to other vehicle. Also they have maintained new road from settle down or from poth hole, which gives better access to vehicle with low maintenance and less fuel consumption.

If governments spend more money in improving public transportation rather than in improving road, then public get service with high cost due to reason as explained. So it will not useful for common people to afford that service.

In the conclusion, it is better to spend money to improve road and to maintain it instead of spending in improving public transportation. It will reduce the cost of transportation as well as give fast service because of smooth road.