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Angela Nang   
Aug 27, 2016
Scholarship / Hi ! i'm Nathanya , help me correct my Personal Statement for apply KGSP Scholarship [4]

Here are my some suggestions.

I learn........... by myself .
to re present my class on our independence day
My teachers knew ......asked me to sketches some clothes for them and they liked my designs.
In addition, I also won the third place
leadership skills after joining a leadership super camp and several leadership seminar.
Angela Nang   
Aug 26, 2016
Scholarship / 'Master of cancer drug discovery is only available at Bradford' - applying Chevening Scholars [3]

4.Outline why you have selected your chosen 3 university courses & explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experiences and your plans for the future.

It is obvious that UK education has the world recognized reputation as we see our witness in both history and nowadays. Due to the critical and innovative study environment, I decide to pursue my dream at UK universities. Based on the courses provided by the universities and my interest, I choose to apply University of Bradford and London Metropolitan University for three courses. Both universities offer Master of cancer pharmacology whereas Master of cancer drug discovery is only available at University of Bradford. Thus, I apply two courses at that university.

To be honest, I prefer cancer drug discovery course more. Myanmar has variety of flora and plants such as timbers, fibers and medicinal plants which are still unexplored. It is needed to discover and conduct further scientific researches to investigate the medicinal capacities of those plants as most of the best sources of novel medicines are derived from herbs. Pharmacognosy, a science of studying active principles of crude drugs from plants and animal origins, is one of the major subjects in my bachelor of pharmacy. I think my desire is originated from that subject. The course offered by the university of Bradford can provide technical and theoretical knowledge concerned with safety, accuracy and quality of pharmaceuticals. If I can study that course, I will surely apply this knowledge by accessing the effects of folk medicines used by our indigenous people. My target area may be my birthplace, Kachin state where the traditional use of crude drugs is largely influenced. I wish to research them with scientific approaches.

According to the report of WHO cancer Country Profile 2014, chemotherapy is still out of reached in the public health sector. The top 50 courses if death in Myanmar includes 12 types of cancer and over 60,000 new cancer cases are estimated to occur each year in Myanmar. The death rate of oral cancer stands the fourth in the world rank. There is an increased need for professionals with unique skills. In chemotherapy and I am eager to play a role in the healthcare givers. Thus, I require to study cancer pharmacology to become an oncology pharmacist. After studying Master degree, I will contribute my learning for the patients by optimizing the therapeutic outcome with as least side effects as possible. By co-operation with other health professionals,we can improve the longevity and quality of patients' life, that is what we always expect to be.

Optimal treatment often requires new ways of therapeutic methods. An oncology pharmacist is a lifelong learner, so I do need to update my professional abilities to provide and promote the monitoring of medication through accurate decision. Excellence does not emerge without appropriate help. That is why I deduce to apply Chevening Scholar and study in UK which supports a positive and co-operative study atmosphere.
Angela Nang   
Aug 26, 2016
Graduate / Draft PS for Msc AI, asking for advice. [6]

Hi ,
Here are my some suggestions.
By the time I took the assembly language course in the second year
After accomplishing the course of 3D Rendering and a series of assignments,....
...ray tracing was the most interesting while completing the whitted ray tracing algorithm assignment
After 3 years of professional study in Computer Science with two experiences in laboratory and summer programme,I assume that...
help me to prepare well for my Phd.
Angela Nang   
Aug 25, 2016
Scholarship / 'eldest child in my family' - Essays for applying Chevening Scholars [3]

3.Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influences in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer.

Being the eldest child in my family, I usually have to take the initative to show the youngers how to do things. As I want to be a good role model for my siblings, I have to behave well at both academic and characters. I try to be mature and usually do not compete with them. When I was student, I used to be team leader at school activities. Since I was relatively good at academic, I helped my peers in their studies as well. My hobby, writing, makes me influential to some extents.

I graduated with Bachelor of Pharmacy and currently, I am working at Department of Food and Drug Administration, Kachin State. My first posting was at Tachileik Myanmar-Thai Border, the famous golden triangle. I am the very first regulatory pharmacist when our department is founded at there. It was not familiar to the people as there has no FDA department before. My responsibilities include the inspection of the pharmacies, regulate the import-export of pharmaceutics and advocate the public for health education. The former Food and Drug Supervisory Committees of township did not include FDA staff. Therefore I requested the chairman to reform the committees again.

I got the negative feedback from people when the unregistered importation of medicines were arrested. As they never know about the National Drug Law, they fail to apply for importation license. It is difficult for the people to understand the terms and conditions of the registration process. Thus I involved every trade promoting meeting held by the Department of Commerce in order to convince the traders to follow the guidelines. It took almost six months to be accepted by the traders and the agencies gradually. The Department of Customs projected custom clearing agents class, and so, it helped me to introduce the rules and regulations of pharmaceutics to many companies.

In addition, the retail and whole sale pharmacy stores did not know the Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) and Good storage Practice (GSP). In that case, I had to cooperate with Food & Drug Supervisory Committee and scheduled an advocating programme. Although it was hard because of some conflicts, if could be concluded as a fruitful advocacy. The number of the registered pharmacy stores was increased to double as people began to aware for drug selling licenses and regulations.

I assume that the obstacles I have to face train me to become more self-controlled and intend to be leader. The things handled by myself promote my confidence. The seed of leadership is being cultivated in my mind and thus I attempt to be a responsible leader in the future.
Angela Nang   
Aug 25, 2016
Research Papers / The Decline of the U.S. Economics [2]

I think you use "in which" many times.
Here are my some suggestions.

When you view the telecommunication on several networks, you will see........
there is an economic decline because of unemployment
has raised- has risen
economic specialists, economic scientists, and legislatives
varies forms of firms- various forms of firms
Angela Nang   
Aug 25, 2016
Grammar, Usage / I worry about something i can't control [4]

Hi Richard Tan,

my boss enquires
my colleague makes
I worry about our job that I can't fit causes my parents feeling sad for me.
So many things
temporary pleasure
temporary escape
Angela Nang   
Aug 24, 2016
Scholarship / Effective communication, harmonized networking means fruitful achievements. Chevening Scholars essay [3]

2.Chevening is looking individuals with strong networking skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influences and lead others in their chosen profession. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your networking skills and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future.

Effective communication is central to the interpersonal skills as the harmonized networking can meets the fruitful achievement. House bound person is not my taste and thus I prefer to play ???? in a team and build substantial intimate relationships with others. I am interested in hiking and therefore I joined Myanmar mountaineering and hiking group when I was still a bachelor student. At first, I was strange with everyone but not last long. The alliance network made me familiar to all. I am very proud to be one of the participants of the first women only trekking trip to Phong Kang Tar ZI Snow mountain.

After graduation, I employed at a private pharmacy store whereas I used to faced patients with different family influences and cultural diversity. Because of the folk belief derived from psychological and social factors, some patients refuse to undergo the required medication. In that case, I convinced them to utilize and receive the correct treatment. I had to develop trusting relationships with patients to exchange the information as some are reluctant to discuss. I had seen several irrational use of drugs by either misunderstanding or intention while working. Therefore, I learned to understand the reasons of the medication use from the patient perspectives. In addition, I had to consider about the patients' financial to provide the medicines with reasonable price. Not all patients can afford the branded drugs.

My second job is a regulatory pharmacist at Department of Food and Drug Administration. A regulator has to deal with different companies, the associated other departments and ours. I am exposing several types of personality in this field. Sometimes, I have to find the mutually acceptable solutions in order to lessen conflict.

My experiences shape me to be a good communicator. This is a great help for my career goal, oncology pharmacist. The patient-centered care depends on the cooperative networking of professional healthcare providers. Furthermore, it is pivotal for reducing the incidence of drug-related illness and optimize the therapeutic outcome. I assume that the relation between our professional health team is also crucial. I intend to apply my networking skills to assess the patient condition and implement the treatment by negotiating to related health professionals.

An effective engaged discussion of patients and professionals may lead to fruitful therapy as the quality of the patient-professional relationship affects the decision. I already know that the clinical pharmacist plays a role 'partnership' between patients and health providers. In conclusion, I will try to build unified network to facilitate medication-use process instead of sporadic communication.
Angela Nang   
Aug 24, 2016
Scholarship / Clear post-study career plan; career goals related to UK priorities in your country - for Chevening [4]

To be replicated- by replicating
The lives of the people there- the lives of local people
I will use strategies....getting educated - I will strategize to participate and initiate programs reaching out to remote communities and explain the importance of education to local tribes. By cooperation with local community leaders,I intend to dispel traditional myths which discourage women from getting educated.
Angela Nang   
Aug 23, 2016
Scholarship / 'being a pharmacist is liked being blessed' - Essay for applying Chevening Scholars [3]

I would like to post my Chevening essay and I will be very delighted if my essays get assessment from every one. Thanks in advance.

1.Chevening is looking for individuals who have a clear post study career plan. Outline your immediate plans upon returning home and your longer term career goals.

I would love to say that being a pharmacist is liked being blessed. My affection to this career life is shaped by my interest and my experiences. I have become aspired by my personal ambition of becoming an oncology pharmacist after seeing the tragic moment of a cancer dying patient.

Currently, I am working as a regulatory pharmacist at Department of Food and Administration, FDA, Myanmar. Pharmacist is a lifelong learner. I just graduated Bachelor of Pharmacy and so I desire to study postgraduate programme specialized with Cancer pharmacology or Cancer drug discovery. If I have finished Master degree, I will try to contribute my knowledge as soon as possible. Upon return to my home, I will continue to work at my former workplace first. There are over 5000 types of medicines including chemo drugs are being imported to Myanmar and registered for quality, safety and efficacy before distributing to market. I suppose that I can assist to facilitate in the process especially concerned with the regulation of chemo drugs.

However, I intend to shift from a product-centered to a patient-centered pharmacist as my long term career goal is to become an oncology pharmacist. Therefore, I will later transfer to Cancer hospitals or cancer research center to involve as part of the cancer team. Cancer treatment and palliative care are not generally available in the public health system according to the WHO report.

As our country is a developing nation with underfunded and understaffed, there still needs a lot of human resources in health providers. We require to have a specialized training and knowledge to battle cancers. By improving the medical professional skills, we can optimize the better therapeutic outcome and minimize the side effects to improve safety through appropriate medication. The responsibilities of chemo pharmacist include safety checks, education and research patients' response and pharmacovigilance.

In addition, I wish I can coordinate with other professions to share our experiences and give advices or help the prospective students via the workshops and seminars. I believe exchanging education and ideas can make better and better professional society. After exposing sufficient experiences, I will continue my Pharm D program. I need to ensure high quality education to provide update information about the ideal use of chemo drugs. Therefore, I cannot quit my professional development programs as my final destination is to be a specialist at chemo drugs.