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Nov 16, 2012
Writing Feedback / Health safety and budget - how important to the society - Ielts test [7]

Prevention is better that cure.
Out of country's health budget, a larger proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures.
To what extent, do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Since ages, health safety has always been a key concern for society. No doubt, huge amount of money is spent on health care to improve health standards, yet there is no substitute of health education and prevention. Needless to say that preventative measures can do miracle for ensuring good public health, if applied in a genuine and systematic manner and I am too, highly convinced with this idea.

The medical science, today, has made possible the cure to many fatal diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems, physical disorders, just to name a few. However, diagnosis and treatment required is a very expensive process, which is at far beyond the reach of common people. But a shift of government financial assistance towards bringing knowledge and preventative measures, can act a boon for public health and society itself.

An adequate awareness regarding causes and symptoms of illness, can help reduce the further risks involved. For instance the case of AIDS and Cancer. In practical terms, awareness campaigns including seminars and camps should be organizes at grass root level like in schools and other public places. In addition proper safety and protection aids should be made easily available. Regular free check-ups can reveal diseases in at early stages, thus, making treatment easy. Knowledge about balanced diets and keeping the surroundings clean can further play an effective role.

This idea of funds shift offers many genuinely positive outcomes. Primarily, extreme costs for hi-tech treatments will be reduced, relieving extra financial burden on families. Secondarily, overall health status will improve, bringing in more prosperity. Apart from this, money saved can be spent on other social welfare causes.

Eventually, health education and prevention is the best way to keep our society healthy, though a keen attention is required for actual implementation and balancing of these resources for public interest.
Nov 8, 2012
Writing Feedback / 'money-centered people' - Judging person by his social status and material possessions - ielts [3]

A person's worth nowadays seems to be judged according to the social status and material possessions. Old fashioned values, such as humor, kindness and trust no longer seem important.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The present world has transformed a lot in every respect and this also has brought a change in the thinking of people. Today, financial strength of a person earns more regard in society whereas other personality traits have been given a back seat to be counted as potential of one. I do support this idea, keeping in view some social and psychological issues relevant to this.

There have been various factors justifying this trend. Firstly, money speaks in its own language which everyone understands. In every field, the person with power can easily move directions in his own favor. To illustrate, politicians with criminal backgrounds are holding the command of authority. Same is true for other high profile people like celebrities from film or sports world. Secondly, people feel it as their pride to make contacts with such elite class, because they are convinced to seek shelter from them during adversity.

Furthermore, monetary status brings authority and support from masses. Thus, a person possessing public support and financial strength, automatically dominates others. The fact endorses this idea, modern people are in hurry to buy all these luxury symbols; for instance, costly cars, bungalows etc, so that they are nowhere behind. It is a commonly observed fact that rich class is always regarded in a distinct and special style, be it at family functions, in educational institutes or even at work places.

However, the qualities like generosity and trust are still the basis of all relations whether these are related to commerce or society itself and are mandatory in every respect.

Eventually, it is discern that the present world has made people more money-centered, yet a rational approach is required to for holding reward for humanistic traits to improve the quality of life.
Nov 8, 2012
Undergraduate / UC: Four years ago, I left my country to go to the U.S for a better education [3]

Four years ago, I left my country to go to the U.S for a better education and to have a brighter future as my parents' wish . All alone, leaving my family, friends and without knowing English, I walked to the airport gate and began my journey. After a long day, and communicating with others by hand signs, I finally arrived in San Diego.
Nov 7, 2012
Writing Feedback / The power of advertising and ads in the commerce essay [4]


Thanks for your valuable advice. Please see If this change can be helpful in introduction :-

Undoubtedly, the business is on new heights at present and companies are recording ever higher sales of their products. It has been argued if it is only the impact of how well the products are being publicized or does it show the actual needs of the consumers. As companies are using all the means to burgeon their sales by hook or crook, I tend to favor that high sales are not the mirror to the actual needs of society.
Nov 7, 2012
Writing Feedback / The power of advertising and ads in the commerce essay [4]

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of society in which they are sold.

To what an extent, do you agree or disagree with it ?

As the world has been revolutionized with the advanced communication techniques, commercial sector has availed a big boom with it. Their sky high sales are edifying it without any doubt. Whether it only showcases the potential of selling strategies only, to some an extent, I favor it.

It has been apparently seen that every company is focusing on higher sales, thus making continuous changes for advertising the product at the best. For example, hiring celebrities for clenching their fan following, lucrative discounts, after sale services etc. These tricks are capable enough to seize the buying behavior of consumer. Sometimes, the attraction goes such high that people purchase the things which even they do not need like extra cars, double to triple mobile phones. Moreover, the powerful the adverts are, the higher is the quality assumed. Thus, buying habits and pattern is largely prone to the publicity of products.

However, this is the case true with only some sections of society and specifically restricted to luxury or some other comforts. Viewing at a subtle, people buy what actually the need. The main motive behind even a single item's purchase, be it high class or common, people show and have need. It can be strengthened further that people who barely can, make their both ends meet, cannot be fascinated by anything rather their necessities only.

Eventually, ads do play a major role in boosting the commerce, yet the real shoot up of sales, vividly elucidates the needs and standard of society.
Nov 7, 2012
Writing Feedback / 'complicated thinking skills' - IELTS: the main function of university [5]

Nowadays there are a lot of arguments about real purposes of education in university. Should they give to the graduates knowledge and skills which will be demanded on at the workplace or should they provide them with knowledge for its own benefit despite whether it is applicable for an employer?

There are some problems with the sentence structure. See it.
Nov 5, 2012
Writing Feedback / Friendship and financial matters essay - money can harm relationship? [4]

Can money be harmful for friendship? agree or diagree?

No doubt, humans being social animals, usually seek help from others. This assistance can be in various forms; however, financial aid can be critical sometimes specially from friends. I do affirm that money can be a troublesome factor in friendship.

Friendship is a unique relationship, though not developed through blood but is the fundamental to bring people close to each other. Nevertheless, to trust an ally to lend a big amount of money is not as easy as to break nut. Although, friends keep a good bond with each other, yet money cannot be the basis. It has been seen that whenever economical facilitation is sought, the loyalty and honesty towards alliance comes under question.

Furthermore, as the law of nature, human behavior and habits are prone to changes, so it is unpredictable when a friend back steps due to lack of accountability. Today, everything is weighed in monetary terms and the cut throat competition is urging people to find short-cuts for success. Thus, in such conditions, friendship can be sacrificed easily.

However, not everything can be put under same measurement to judge its adherence. Friendship brings the support and respect for the coalition, but up to what extent it is liable to serve fiscal needs, has to be analyzed correctly because a small mistrust can cease the bond.

Eventually, friendship should not be given extreme limits, preferably for financial matters, which requires a close attention as it may be harmful enough to never let money to anyone again.
Nov 3, 2012
Writing Feedback / Higher education of advanced learning and teaching - better jobs for graduates? [3]

Some people believe the aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs. Others believe there are much wider benefits of university education for both individuals and society.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Higher Education has always been pivotal for shaping a personality to be well focused and career oriented and universities contribute key roles here in by providing the knowledge, skills and talent required. It has been seen as a debatable issue whether universities should emphasize on professional aspects of education or to be it demanding for the social system.

Some people are convinced with the idea that a student in university should be nurtured in a way to gain a good job prospectus. Firstly, in today's cut throat competitive era, education is the only which can sustain a student to turn up as a good professional. Secondly, the main motive and the sole responsibility of these institutes are to equip a learner with the competence that can excel him to meet the challenges of rapidly changing work scenario.

Others opine that rather being merely occupation based, other benefits for the society are not to be ignored. A learner first is a social being and education grooms an overall personality. One has to be fully acquainted with the duties and responsibilities which have far reaching fruitful impacts for the individual and the society as well.

However, my personal view consolidates the idea that university education should enlighten and elevate the overall learning capability of disciples, where they are efficient enough to accomplish their professional objectives and can help raise the standard of society.

Eventually, the true purpose of advanced learning and teaching should bring optimum laurels for the whole as one.