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Jun 18, 2016
Writing Feedback / The graph applicates the gathered statistics of children born by women aged from 40-44 years old [2]

Hi zaki, these are some of my suggestions;

The graph applicates() the gathered statis

In 1981, four or more infants were born by women with theis aboutpercentage 27,6 percentagepercent but it had downward trend decreases from 1981 to 1996 and finally fell to 11 percent in 2006. Likewise, the maximum proportion of women given birth to three children was 27,4 percent and (it was same )27 percent in the year 1981 and 1996.
Jun 15, 2016
Writing Feedback / Toefl: Television, specially movies, as a first innovative technology, impacts people's life [2]

Hey, I hope to use your kindly suggestions as always.

How do movies on television influences people's behavior?

Nowadays, in modern society and with exponentially improving technology, communication instruments play important roles in our lives. Television, specially movies, as a first innovative technology, impacts people's life in different ways. Among countless aspects of the way television's movie impacts our life, I would explore three important ones as follows. Television has ability to determine values of the society, to make family gathering for a while, and to get familiar people with other culture.

The main reason how television impacts our lives is that it can determines the values of the society. The movies that are shown on television, can identify that how family members should behave each other, how they should respect and support each other. In the society, also, it plays a foremost role to intensify the values. Some movies are criticized because they are condemned for spreading the violent and bad behavior as normal actions. Additionally, it can show rules in friendship. For example, I saw a movie several years ago that was about betray between friends. After seeing that movie, I decided not to trust completely to anybody.

There is another point that deserves some words here. Nowadays, because of the busy life situation and private instruments, people spend majority of their time with themselves for example playing game, searching in the internet and so on. Seeing movie on the television gives family member a chance to take a time with each other. During watching the same movie, they probably find some common topics to discuss about that. They know about each other's interests and viewpoints and as a result, they have a close relation. I think, families who are friendly with each other commit less in crimes.

Finally, there is another subtitle point about the roles of the movies. Movies get familiar us with other cultures. We can know about their different way of living all around the world, about different religions, art. It impacts our attitude towards life. You can know about the all without traveling and spending money and time. For example, I saw a movie about the Egypt historical places. It was so exciting for me. I deeply learn in a way that I feel, I visit there.

Taking into account all the factors I mentioned before, we reach this conclusion, movies that shown on the television influence our lives. They impact on our personality by dictating the values, on our family relation by gathering them for a while, and our viewpoints by showing other cultures. What can be more effective than this?
Jun 8, 2016
Writing Feedback / Toefl: Being at concert or sport event is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television. [4]

Hey guys, Help me with your valuable suggestions;

Do you agree or disagree with the following? Attending a live performance (for example concert or sport event) is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television.

Watching live performance is so exciting experience. Some people prefer participate in live occasions, others have negative attitude. They think watching on television in live manner is more enjoyable. Base on my personal experience and emotional personality, I agree with the second attitude. Watching at home on sofa is my preferable. Watching on television, gives you a chance to watch every detail, to concentrate and enjoy from the performance, and to save your time and money.

The main reason for my propensity for following events at home is that you can watch every single scene with minor details because of the several cameras that used for recording. Also, you can watch important scenes more than one time or even slow scenes. In a live performance, you have not this opportunity. For example, several years ago I went to concert; my seat was in appropriate location. I lost probably all of the scenes. It was not pleasure for me and was so disappointed and frustrated for me.

There is another factor that deserves some words. It is about noisy and crowd environmental. Usually live performances perform in chaos. This is interrupting and bothering for me. Once I went to see the basketball play and after that I really had a headache for several hours. In concert, you even cannot understand the lyrics of songs. You cannot enjoy from performance and cannot feel calm and relax. However, you can follow performance tranquility in home and have calm and peace times.

Finally, there is a subtle point we must consider. Participating in live performance need to spend time and money. You should take a time in terrific to reach destination. Need time to put on appropriate clothes. Because of my busy time and limited free time, it could be count as a negative aspect. Also, you should pay for their tickets. Sometimes, for important performance, the cost of ticket is height. So by watching performance on television, you can enjoy show free without spending time and money.

Taking into account all of the factors I mentioned above, we reach this conclusion although watching live performance are really exciting and everyone should experience sometime, I prefer to watch on television frequently. I can follow performance without noisy, interrupting, and time and money investment. What could be more enjoyable than lying on the sofa and watch your favorite performance with pack of chips in a peace environmental?
Jun 5, 2016
Writing Feedback / Increased the average human life span is the main reason of population aging. [3]

Hey:) I would like to know your suggestions about my essay.

In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon.

Researchers found that the age of the population get older. This event is more obvious in the modern society. Longer living is the main reason of this phenomenon. Many reasons influence the greater longevity. Among countless factors, there are three conspicuous aspects that I mention as follows. Advancement in health science, changing people's attitude towards life, and improving technology towards comfortable life are all impact people living age and healthy.

Improving in health science and increasing health centers are the main reasons for long living. Today, researchers have found curing some specific diseases which were unknown before. For example, cancer can treat easily now. However, several years age, cancer caused dying of millions of people. Researches also discover vaccines and antibiotic which are uses to prevent some disease. I remembered, when I was about 8, many African native died because of some virus in water and lack of the vaccine to protect against that. Furthermore, increasing health caring centers make curing process easy. Now, hospital almost accessible everywhere. When people feel bad, can go these institute and be cured themselves at the first step of their disease process.

There is another factor that deserves some words here. People's culture and view points toward life has changed and care more about their healthy. They read news about this topics in books, internet, and social pages. They spend time to go gyms and be fitted. They aware about overweight and its bad effects. They pay more attention about the ingredients of foods and prevented from eating foods that are harmful for their healthy. For instance, our family members are all vegetarian because of some negative meat effects. Also, they check their healthy situation by testing every six month to be sure about their normal status of their body. In past, there is a little part who are influent may be paid these issues.

But there is a further more subtle point we must consider. Technology plays an important role in this field, too. Mechanism and robots make living condition comfortable. In past, most of the tasks did manually and peoples almost were agriculture and had a difficult work situation. Nowadays, people sit behind desk and do their job with computer or advanced machines in a room that equipped by air condition and heater. In the past, people suffered from their job, so their healthy damaged. Another impact of technology appears in agriculture. Scientists can grow every vegetables and foods not only in specific season but whenever they want. Also they can revise their ingredients and as a result we feed high range of the useful materials. In past many people may be died because of the famine or war that are rarely happen these days.

Taking into account all the factors I mentioned above, we reach this conclusion that that there are so many aspects which impact the ages of people. Living longer means having better healthy situation for long time. It can be influenced by technology and advancement as main reasons.
Jun 2, 2016
Writing Feedback / Imagination is a more valuable asset than experience (GRE topic) [8]

Hey a poor Korean who is start his study in US:)! ( just kidding)
My suggestions are as follows:

As it is widely known that the curriculum for STEM education highly focused(focuses) on developing students'

well-done poor dudthk85! your essay are so clear and actually,I cannot find any mistakes, So you are so so lucky guy:)
good luck:)

Jun 2, 2016
Writing Feedback / I agree with the statement that art and music should be learned in school [5]

Hey guys! Please help me with your suggestions even though my brain storms had been deactivated :)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All students should be required to study art and music in secondary school.

Art and music involves with people's emotional part. Some people believe that all student should be required to study art and music in secondary school, others have negative attitude. They think school is responsibility for working on mind exercise and educational fields. Depending on my personal experience, personality type, and emotional concern, I agree with above statement that art and music should be learned in school. Among countless factors which influence the choice, these are three conspicuous aspects as follows. Studying art and music, give students ability to do efficiently during their exercise, to know about their favorites, and also to inform about the other cultures.

The main reason for my propensity for that claim is that studying art and music enrich student's ability. They know about primary and basic part of art and music. I always have a bad feeling when I don't know even a little about a topic. Furthermore, recently studies have found that students who work on variety topics have more efficiency and they are more successful in compare their friends. For example, I have a friend who do well in playing guitar, basketball, and he also get first rank in the university.

Another reason why I agree with above statement is that it helps students to know about their favorites. During the secondary schools, student's talents are identified. Some students interested in these fields and spend more time on art or music because doing them are enjoyable for them. As a result, they can follow in a professional manner out of the school and even choose their future career in that specific field. Even these students shouldn't be required for art in schools, probably their talent wouldn't be recognized. In my view, everyone are talented in specific fields and finding that field should be main response and goal of the schools.

But there is a further more subtle point we must consider. Studying art and music helps students to know about other county's or region's cultures. Knowing about other culture by music and art make student to be informed and they feel better when they travel other parts and participate in their concerts. Even it probably effect their attitude towards the life. Music and art can play as a communication tools, too. For instance, my friend is artist. She hold a gallery every year in different part of the world which is more exciting for me.

Taking into account all the factors I mentioned above, we reach this conclusion that although teaching science topics are main goals of schools, art and music are should be tough. Actually the purpose of schools is preparing students for their future life in different aspects. Art and music is essential for every body's emotional personality. Schools could prepare a background to inform students about them and to know about their interests.
May 31, 2016
Writing Feedback / Four countries: US, Japan, Mexico and Germany scored big in the Hot Dog Eating Contest [4]

welcome Fedli ;)

The bar graph shows Nathan's hot dog eating contest which is(was) held in Brooklyn's ...

... US, Japan, Mexico and Germany scoring for winners(it is not clear) .
... while Japanese males only have recorded nine-time.

itIt is noticeable that from 1980 ...
Mexico and Germany had only one timeonly one opportunity to win.

These are some suggestions
May 31, 2016
Writing Feedback / It has recently been announced that a new movie theater may be built in your neighborhood. [3]

It has recently been announced that a new movie theater may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plane?

Movie Theater is known as a city's wealthy. Some people prefer to live far from these public places, others have negative attitude. Living near the movie theater is my preferable to me. Theater is a public place which can be caused terrific and turbulent around the surrounding environmental. This condition is bothering for whom like to have a peace and calm times. Although there are some disadvantages about living near that, it seem to me that building a theater is a big privilege. Among countless factors which influence my acclaim, I would explore three conspicuous factors as follows. Theater impacts people's viewpoints, comfort, and entertainments.

The main reason for my propensity is that Theater influences the culture of the people. It has an ability to change people's viewpoints towards life and world. It is the main purpose of the filmmakers to demonstrate beauties, wars, and other challenging issues about the real life and made others to think about them.Also, with watching movie, you can get familiar with other country's cultures, religions easily without traveling and spending time and money. I think, films besides book plays an important roles on every body's attitudes. In addition, theater learn about social behaviors. You sit with others whom have same interests and watch a film. You can find some friends there and make a discussion about the film. During watching movie, you learn to respect other's right with being silent and get along with them during the movie. Theater always give me an excellent feeling and for this reason, I always agree building them with ignorance their location.

Another reason why I agree with above statements is about what they carries with themselves. After building theaters, many restaurants, fast foods and recreation places usually be built around that. These activities and places comfort the living of the people around. They accesses whatever they need easily because of the shopping centers. Furthermore, it has an economical benefit for whom live around that. Building theaters increase the values of that land expeditiously. For example, last year a museum was built in our neighborhood. The cost of our house increases more than 5 times and we sold our house more expensive than compare the 2 years ago.

There is more subtle point we must consider. Being a theater near our house gives me an opportunity to spend my spare time to go to the theater without taking long roads and waste time and energy in terrific. Also it gives me a chance to gather with my friends, discuss about the film or even other topics, and probably have dinner at restaurant. It is the exactly activities that I do every weekend. Before building a theater in our neighborhood, I should take a long distance to get there and it was bothering for me and disappointed me from doing my favorite activity.

Taking into account all the factors I mentioned above, I may reach this conclusion that building a theater is sagacious. It impacts on our culture. It comforts people's life around that and creates a best place to spend our leisure time.
May 31, 2016
Writing Feedback / In my opinion foreign visitors should be given the choice to follow the local customs or behaviours [4]

In many host countries, some foreigners behaviour' s are deemed terribly unacceptable.

But increasinglymajor numbers of Chinese tourists have been spotted ...
... came up with a booklet for travell ers which based on etiquette.

... or staying out late until the wee hours such asup to 3am or 4am.
This surely has definitely caused a great disturbance ...
Yet, such behaviourbehavior is prevalent and regarded as acceptable in western ...

... given the choice to follow the local customs or behaviou rs as.

good job Theodore, good luck:)
May 31, 2016
Writing Feedback / Improved medical care. With many recent major breakthroughs in medication, humans are now accessible [4]

Hey nhanmi! There are some corrections as follows:

With many recent major breakthroughs in medications , humans are now accessible to medical carehumans access to medical cares which is highly ...

As far as I'm concerned, the positives may outweigh all the drawbacks.the positive may carry more weight than drawbacks.(I think, it seems more clearly)

... more chances to fulfil their innumerablecountless wishes and gain a lot ...

1. Your essay is about 380 words which is appropriate for toefl exam
2. Give an indent at the first of the paragraphs
3. and Finally well-done and wish you luck :)
May 30, 2016
Writing Feedback / Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. [4]

Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer?

In educational field, researchers always face a dilemma that which method of learning is best. Some prefer to have a teacher, others have a negative attitude. They learn better by themselves. Although learning with teacher has some advantages, depending on my personal experiment and personality, I prefer to study and learn alone. Among countless factors which influence my choice, there are three conspicuous reasons. Learning alone gives me opportunity to be more concentrate, to access different resources, and to save time and money.

The main reason for my propensity for learning alone is that I can concentrate better and think deeply when I am alone. I always study solitary and then describe loudly about new topic by myself. This is my strategy for learning from the elementary school. In this way, I can learn better. Being someone else even teacher interrupts me. Actually, I always had a problem about team work during the university. For example, once I had to do some experimental tests with others to get results. It was so bothering for me and I redid tests again by myself.

There is another reason that deserves some words here. Nowadays, with developing technology such as self-learning software and internet, you are free from teacher demanding and could learn topics by yourself easily. For examples, I practice new English vocabulary by specific software which was so useful for me. Also, I could access comprehensive resources thorough the internet. I got a variety of papers and articles during doing my thesis just by clicking some words on the keyboard easily. Furthermore, there are online classes that you can register and participate them free. All of these factors influence learning method and you don't require a teacher.

Finally, there is a further more subtle point we must consider. Hiring teacher needs to allocate time and money. You should put on appropriate clothes and then go to class. Your time and energy maybe waste during terrific when you go towards the class. But by studying alone, you can sit behind your desk and staying comfortable. Register for class usually cost a lot. It is not economical. Therefore it is not appropriate for me because of my low income. For example, I went to a class last year which allocates all my monthly income with itself and couldn't save even a little.

Taking into account all the factors that I mentioned before, we reach this conclusion that the best method of learning depends on everyone's personality. Although studying alone has some disadvantages, I think that its advantages has more weight. You can concentrate, interact with variety of teachers all around the world, and save your money and time.
May 29, 2016
Writing Feedback / You need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles away. Compare different kind of transportation [4]

You need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles away. Compare different kind of transportation you could use. Tell which method you would chooseYou need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles away. Compare different kind of transportation

The kind of transportation that everyone chose depends on the purpose of travel. Some pay attention about comfortable situation, for others economical part is more important. Personally, I travel with different kind of transportation depends on my purpose. If I want to be at sharp time for important meeting, I ignorance economical part and use a private car. If I want to have a physical exercise, I travel with bike short distance. However, in general, public transportation is my performable in compare to others. Among countless aspects which influence my choice, there are three conspicuous ones. Public transportation causes less cost, pollution, and nervous.

The main reason for my propensity for public transportation is economical fact. I usually use bus and metro to go towards work or classes. Their tickets have a low price that is appropriate for me because of my low income. If I take my car by myself, it consumes a lot of fuel and cost a lot for me. In addition, I may have a car crashed during the traveling and in this way, repairing the car allocate extra money for itself. For instance, last year I had a car accident. It was my fault. So, I had to pay opposite sides damaged, too. It cost me a lot about equal my weekly income. I prefer not to risk anymore and use public transportation.

Another reason why I agree with public transportation is that I believe in this way, the air gets less polluted. If everyone uses their private vehicles for transportation, they cause a harmful environmental damage. They polluted air and making a lot of noise. That is really disgusting and harmful for people's healthy condition. Doctors warn many times about their affect. Pollution in our city, Tehran, sometimes is dramatically high. We have forced to wear a mask some days. Even in special days that pollution is higher than normal, schools and factories have been closed.

Finally, there is a further more subtle point that should be considered. Terrific is really bothering issue for me. I cannot stand terrific without playing music during driving. I prefer to travel from some other route that even takes a long distance to my distination with low terrific. Terrific is a waste of time and energy. People spend several hours a day in terrific. I cannot imagine waste my valuable hours a day in terrific. For example, once I went my university from my uncle's home, I were 2 hours in terrific. I had no more energy during the classes up to evening.

Taking into account all factors that I mentioned before, we reached this conclusion that although public transportation have some drawbacks such as being slow or not be comfortable in compare to private transportation, but its profit has more weigh. It allocates low price. It has a low harmful effect on the environmental, and has less nervous.
May 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / Some people prefer to spend most of their time alone. Others like to have their friends around. [3]

Some people prefer to spend most of their time alone. Others like to be with friends most of the time. Do you prefer to spend time alone or with friends?

Some people prefer to spend most of their time with friends and use every single minute to be with them. Others have negative attitude, they like to spend time with themselves. I think, it is depending on everyone's attitude towards life. Although, friends play an important role in our lives and consider as a valuable investments, depending on my personal experience and emotional concerns, I prefer to spend my time alone instead of being with friends. Among countless factors which influence my choice, there are three important choices. Be with yourself gives you opportunities to concentrate during studying, doing your favorites hobbies during your leisure time, and feeling calm.

First of all, the main reason for my propensity is that I interested in studying. During my life, education is my foremost and primary choice. So, I allocate more time for studying. Furthermore, I read novels and science papers a lot. I really cannot concentrate with others. Their noise or even existence is interrupting me. For example, during master thesis, I had to do a part of my thesis with others to get result. I think, that was hard part of my project. I had a lot of difficulties, in a way that I did that part again with myself.

There is another reason why I prefer being alone. It probably seem self-satisfied but I would rather to do my favorite hobbies during spare time. I am very busy and have a little free time. I would like spend every single minute to do my pleasures. If my friends be with me, their suggestions should be considered, too. I want to see the films that I want. Play a game that are really enjoyable for me. I don't like do hobbies that are not interesting for me and waste my time because of others.

Finally, there is another subtle point we must consider. Depending on environmental and condition that everybody raised in family, they have variety moral characteristics and personality. Because I have been in low populated family and lived in a foreign city, I have not grotesque personality. I cannot feel calm and peace with others. I prefer to rest and take my minds away from troubles when I am free. With others, I feel that have no privacy. It is really bothering for me. With being alone, I can think about myself and goals. Others are kind of interrupting for me. One of my enjoyable daily habits is walking half an hour outside the city and meditate alone.

Taking into account all of the factors that I mentioned above, we reached this conclusion that everyone prefer to spend their time in different way and depends on his or her personality. Although, friends are essential in our lives and we need them and their support to not be alone during difficulties, being alone is my perform able. I could concentrate more and spending time efficiently without friends.
May 28, 2016
Research Papers / How can the advancement of technology make localized therapy less evasive in stage 4 cancer patients [3]

OMG! What a long essay:) I would explore one paragraph, I hope it will be useful

The technology used today to treatcure lung cancer patients (...) and more effective amongst lung cancer patients.
... cancer patients are now much more diversedifferent such as the use of oxygen ...
There are four stages of cancer.forFor the last stage, number four, is wide spread. Lung cancer patients who are at stage forfour now have more options to ...
May 27, 2016
Writing Feedback / All students should have equal chance to register at the university. [3]

Some people believe that a college or university education should be available to all students. Others believe that higher education should be available only to good students. Discuss these views?

Some people believe that university should be available for good students, others have negative attitude. They think, university shouldn't be specified just for good students and everyone should have a chance to be at university. Depending on my personal experience during my education, I think, all should have chances to register at the university. Among countless factors which influence my acclaim, there are three conspicuous factors. Student's tuitions can have economic benefits for university. Also, some interested in education during the college and some learn more than science during the university.

The main reason for my propensity of acclaim that is about economic benefit of all student's tuitions. Students pay tuition during their education. They have a great impact on universities advancement. The members of universities could spend their money on several purposes. They could equip their facilities, laboratories, and even dormitories. All of these leads other students to study and live more comfortable and concentrate more on their education. For example, during my bachelor, my university allocate one semester tuitions for building a swimming pool. We could go there and had a great time during leisure time. This physical exercise impacted our efficiently during the classes and we were more happy and learned topics easily.

In addition, there is another reason that deserve some words. Some students probably didn't have a good situation or chance to study well during the high school or before. Or even involved with other activities that have not enough time to studying well. So, it is not fair to deprive them from participating in universities. Maybe they will do better than others in the university. For instance, I had a roommate that wasn't successful during the high school because her city was in poverty location and she could not access to education facilities. However, she became one of the best students that got financial support from MIT. So, if didn't let her to register to university, her talent never been disappeared and she had a completely different future.

Finally, there is a further more subtle point we must consider. I think, everybody could learn a lot from the university more than science. That is a place which you can be socialized. You can learn how get along with your classmates or roommates which is benefit for your future career and life. You learn how to get success and what you should do during the failures. You probably meet different students from different part of the country or even world and you know about the others cultures and religions that impacts your view towards the life. So university teaches us more that sciences.

Taking into account all the factors that I mentioned before, we reach this conclusion that depriving some from being in university is not fair. Everyone should have a chance to be there. University need student's tuition to improvements. Also, some may change her/his life's route during the university. It is a place which prepare students for their life in variety aspects.
May 24, 2016
Writing Feedback / The 20th century saw great change. In your opinion, what is one change that should be remembered? [2]

Hello guys;

The twentieth century saw great change. In your opinion, What is one change that should be remembered about the twentieth century?

Although there were numerous changes during the twenties century, I found that the more important change that affects people around the world is the different way of the communication by internet. Nowadays, it actually influences people lives in a way that life is even impossible without that. Among countless numbers which influences choice, these are three conspicuous aspects as follows. Internet comforts people all around the world in different fields such as educational, medical.

The main reason for my propensity for that acclaim as a student, it eases access for the all science resources all around the world. I could access all the papers about variety of topics easily with just clicking several words. I could search and know about the all innovations in every single point around the world. I get advices and consulate with foreign professors with online networks. In addition, it give me opportunities to participate in all online classes.

Another reason why I agree with above statements is that medicine science really is benefited from that. For example, in some cases, doctors from different part of the word, are gathering with online networks and participate in web conference and decided about the therapy of specific patient. That was so interesting for me. Also, nowadays, some surgery could be done by remote controlling robots or by lasers by doctor on the other side of the world. I think, it is a really advancement for medical fields.

But there is further more subtle point we must consider. Using communication by internet is kind of saving time and money. You can travel and go ever where that you want in fewer a minute with connecting. For example, yesterday I saw cannes festival live by its online link. I feel and sense that I was there and excited about that. Also, I always dream about the traveling around the world and see all ancient places. Internet almost solves all the problems. I can see my family and talks with them easily with skpe. All of these cannot be possible without communication link.

Taking into account all the factors that I mentioned before, we may reach the conclusion that communication and internet play an important and vital roles in modern society. All fields' performance are almost base on the communication. It is more obvious in education and medical parts. Furthermore, it eases for me to see every particular events in world in live manner.
May 24, 2016
Writing Feedback / TOEFL essay - New theater in the neighborhood. Sugesstions? [6]

r house is better ...[ is good idea]
On the other hand, if a new theater is built close to my apartment. It will reduce the stress ..[..my apartment, It will reduce ..]
stress-free life [ stress-less life]

good job Joydoc;)
May 24, 2016
Writing Feedback / Should computer be invented? They have made a very vital impact on society. [4]


Has a very vital impact ( has made ..)
computer should not existed [ Computer should not been invented ]
i shall refer to several evidences to show that computer was invented as a solution.[ I am going to refer OR I would refer ]

reduce the effort [ reduces the effort ..]
Taking education as an example, students can digitize the homework [As an example, during education, students can type their homeworks..]
and send it to their teacher by email anytime [ send them ..]
so teacher can give correction immediately, instead of writing it in paper and collecting it on the day after. [ So teacher can correct them immediately by computer faster in compare of accurate them manually by pen.. ] maybe it seems better:)

has been inputted[ has been entered]
resulting waste of time and energy [ it is kind of waste of time and energy]
spending time more [spending more time]
bad for both [ have a bad effect on both..]
May 12, 2016
Writing Feedback / Books? Knowledge gained from experiences is more practical, effective and fun. [NEW]

It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from books with knowledge gained from experience. In your opinion which one is important and why?

Comparison between knowledge gained from books with knowledge gained from experiences is always hot debate between industry and university. Some believes the first is important, others have negative attitude, they prefer the second one. It was always confusing for me years ago too. Depending on my personal experiences during the last years, I have found out that although books play important roles in our progresses; experience has more weight. Knowledge that gained from experiences is more practical, too effective, and even pleasure.

The first and foremost reason for my argue is that no doubt, books are source of knowledge and information. But what we learned from books have theoretical nature. They learned how a specific phenomenon occurs or concepts work. Learning is nothing but understanding world around. This information can be useful when they be used and experienced in real environments. For this reason, almost all theoretical classes follow by practical classes. During high school, laboratory always was exciting for me. I could see what I learnt in books in form of theoretical in real world. In this way, I could learn subjects deeply and never ever was forgetting that topics any more.

There is another reason that deserves words here. Sometimes experience is more useful than information. For example, when you want to learn about driving; some manuals give you information about how you should drive, driving rules, and how you should do in different situations. We cannot learn about driving without driving even you spend more time for studying. One will get professional in his or her fields during times with a lot of experience. As result, sometimes experiences are even more beneficial than dates.

Besides above reasons, the nature of something is depends on experiencing them. For example, I learned the rules of driving but that was not enjoyable and interesting for me. When I derived and saw that I could do that and I really felt exciting and wanted to do my best. I have a same feeling during swimming training.

Taking into account all the factors that I mentioned before, we reach this conclusion that knowledge that gained from book is inherent and essential for our performance but we should use them in real world to be beneficial. Experience is gives opportunity that information be practical and more effective.
May 12, 2016
Essays / Discuss conflict between those who advance systems of thought and those who question totalizing... [3]

I really tried hard to chose on side, but it was so confusing. I think, both sides are essential to progress in a specific field. First, World need new thoughts and inovatives to create and discovery new fields and things. That is the exactly task that scientists do. However, for completing an idea, it should be questioned and be challenged for detection its weakness and failures.
May 6, 2016
Essays / Quality leaders - Would you mind helping me this writing topic? [4]

Depending on my personal experience a good leader should have some important characteristics. I would explore some primary and important ones.
First of all, I think, the important characteristics of the leader is authority. A successful leader should have ability to guide a group of people towards the single purpose of the factory or etc. He should have ability to lead employees to do their best at the working time. Also he should be a respected person and don't humiliate employees and so every body do their tasks willingly. Finally, I think, knowing about the overall information about team purpose and performance is the essential and inherent necessities for a successful leader.
May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Playing games teaches us about life. [4]

Are Games Helpful in Learning Life?

Although some people think that playing games doesn't affect children's life, I have a negative attitude. Depending on my personal experience, I strongly believe that, playing games teaches a lot and playing an important role on children's life. I think, it is essential for children to cooperate in the games for preparing for their future lives and being a successful persons. There lines numerous reasons why I agree with this statements. I would explore some primary and important ones. Playing games teaches hard working, being a team member, and some moral behaviors.

The main reason for my propensity is that games teach us that the essential part for being winners in the games are hard working. We cannot win the game without any practicing. They teach us to be persevere if we want to get something in our life. During games, we learn that being winner is not always possible and we should not disappointed when we lose the game. We learn from our failures and know about our weakness. So we solve and strength that points and being professional. That is the exact thing we should do during whole life to be successful person.

Another subtle point about game is that it learns us being a member of a team. During team games such as football, children learn to cooperate in a team work and they learn, the key point of the winning. It is the exactly things that they should do in their future life and professional jobs. For example, in our factory, we do team projects a lot. During these projects, members who didn't experience games in the past are not successful and cannot fit themselves with others. And this example clearly illustrate the effect of the games on the children's personality.

Moreover, games have moral effects on children. They learn that fair play is probably important than winning. For instance, one times, I saw children's games in playground. During the game one of the children fall down and one from the other team threw ball out and helped him. That was so sweat for me. During games, children learn to take on responsibilities. Furthermore, they learn how to interact with others and in this way they became social person which is useful for their future life.

Taking into account all of the factors that I mentioned above, we may reach the conclusion that playing games have obviously effect on children's life. Maybe it can be known as a simulated life which they will struggle with that in the future. They teach children to be industries if they want to be winners and work as part of whole. The behavior training effects, also is another importance of the games.