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Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / The diagram illustrates air circulation related to heat lost and energy wasted in rooms [2]

The diagram below shows how heat is lost and energy wasted in a house because of air getting into and out of the house.

The diagram illustrates air circulation related to heat lost and energy wasted of rooms through elements of a house. Overall, it can be seen that there are much more air escaping rather than getting into the houses in all floors.

At semi basement floor, air from outside enters to the rooms through outdoor faucet toward crawl space. Then, air also goes inside from other parts of building, passing dryer vent, and then diffuses filling washing machine room by a small window at the top of wall.

Turning to other floors, ceiling in 2nd floor is a component of building which is passed by air, and the highest amount of air get out from it. Parts of plafond which allows air to pass are bathroom fan vent, recessed light, and attic hatch. Meanwhile, air also enters to this floor through electrical outlet in bathroom. Subsequently, windows become the way of air entering to living room and spreading inside that room. It is similar at kitchen room where air comes into the room from a big window and kitchen fan vent which is located on building envelope.

Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / All age groups witness the same difficulties when living abroad, but older have language issues [2]

The chart below shows information about the problems of people have when they go to live in other countries.

The bar chart gives information about the problem that people in different aged face when they live in other countries, and it measured by the percentage. The most significant piece to emerge from the chart is that all age groups witness the same difficulties, but the percentage of elderly people who have problem in language learning is higher than the others.

Moving to a more detailed analysis, the age of 18-34 group experience higher problem in forming friendship with 45%. Then, the young people find a difficult matter in the place to live is at around 39%, which is followed by 29% of people who have problem to learn local language. Subsequently, the middle aged look having difficulties in all problems at least below two-fifth.

In contrast, the greatest problem which is faced by people of over 55 is learning to speak the local language with below three-fifth. The other problems such as finding accommodation and making friends are not the problematic with less than a third.

Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / The chart show that both parents, whether with very young children or juveniles, are happy enough. [2]

The pie chart compares the proportion of Happiness of parents with children of different ages. The most significant fact to emerge from the chart is that both of parent, whether with very young children or juvenile children are happy enough.

With regard to parent with young adults, at a half of the percentage, parents were fairly happy. Subsequently, a mother or father who was very happy at just under a half, and it had difference of 3%, compared by parents who felt fairly charmed. Then, at 3% of parents were not happy, and it was the lowest number.

Moving to a more detailed analysis about parents with teenage children, at 61% parents who was fairly happy, and it was the highest proportion, compared with parents who was very happy and unhappy. Next, parents who were very happy showed nearly a half (35%), and then a very small number of parents who were unhappy, at 4% of the total percentage.
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / Young married couple with children are the happiest group, such as unmarried people aged 65 and more [2]

The bar chart gives information about the outcome of survey based on the rate of happiness of married and unmarried people in the united states, and the feeling of married couple in the effect of children. At first glance, it is evident that married couple in 18-to-29-yaer-olds with children who have aged under 18 is the happiest couple, and unmarried people in the age of 65 and over group is happier people than the other aged groups.

With regard to people who have married, the young couple with child age under 18 is more charmed couple at 45%, and it was the significant proportion than the others. Next, 44% of married couple in the age of 30 to 49 groups and elderly groups feels happy. Subsequently, People in aged 50 to 64 at two fifth of the percentage.

Turning to people who have not married yet, 34% of them feel happy, and it is the highest portion. Then, young people and people in aged 50 to 64 experience same percentage at 21%, and then at 22% is people in age of 30 to 49 groups.
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / WIND TURBINES - how can be constructed and then activated by the wind if located in a proper place [8]


The diagrams illustrate how wind turbine can be constructed and how it works, and show where it can be placed in different location. Overall, although wind turbines are built in 3 different locations, there will be operated well.

Moving to a more detailed analysis, the component of wind turbines consists of blades-fiberglass or wood for windmill. Also, there is any wind sensor to adjust speed and direction. Then, generator is located below of wind sensor which has power to around 1.5 megawatts. These elements are supported by steel tower. The work of wind turbines is controlled by a computer. It will receive information from sensor that adjust direction and angle of blades of wind turbines.

Turning to the best location, the wind turbines can be placed in land above sea level. It is an optimum location because turbines get maximum wind strength, even though it can work at under the sea level. another requirement is about the landscape which it should not spoil, and then domestic turbine will generate power up to 100 kilowatts.
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / The recruitment of the new two-language teachers among the recently graduated people in Ontario [2]

The graph shows information about the recruitment of teachers in Ontario between 2001 and 2007.

The line graph provides information about recruitment of 2 language teacher with new graduated requirement in Ontario from 2001 to 2007, and it is measured by percentage of first-year teacher with constant teaching jobs by year of graduation. Overall, it can be seen that English teachers showed an upward trend, but French teachers recruitment saw a downward trend.

First of all, English-language teacher stood at 72% in 2001. Next, the percentage of it saw a sudden decrease during 2 years at 40%, and then it was a slight rise to 42% in 2005. Subsequently, there was a significant decline to around 20% at 31% in 2006, which was followed a dramatic decrease approximately 10% at 15% in the end of period.

Turning to French-language teachers, the number of teachers decrease dramatically during 2001 and 2002, but then rose highly to around 10% at 65%. Then, recruitment of French-language teachers rose minimally to around 3% between 2003 and 2005. Next, there was a small decrease roughly 2% at 60% in 2006, which was followed a minimal increase to 75% at the end of period.

Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / task 1: internet activities in different age groups [2]

A breakdown of the percentage of the internet consumption IS divided into six criteria by age groups WHICH is illustrated through the table.
... while download music and videos reducing shows a less popularity.........

the proportion of the e-mail user are IS the highest in all of the age group, and It is remain stable at over 90 % in which the highest percentage is in 50s-aged netizens (95%). However, even though, the number of people [...] the number in following age group are IS significant less a half ...
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / The style of clothes and capability have a role in workplace, it should be balanced and appropriate [2]

Some organisations believe that their employees should dress smartly. Other value quality of work above appearance.
Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

With the growth in the age and era, several companies take a big attention more to the appearance of employees, and other believe that proficiency of work is more important. I personally believe that the style of clothes and capability have a role in workplace, it should be balance and appropriate with the circumstances.

With regard to appearance of employee, some companies obligate their workers to take a huge attention to the outfits as it can influence to the services. An aviation company, for instance, is a great example of this case. Flight attendant should have looked-perfect appearance and dresses neatly as they must face the passenger directly and they reflect the company images in public as well. As a results the style of dress gives an impact on company and the satisfaction of passenger. There is no doubt that appearance has a significant role and it prevails in some organization.

On the other hand, capability of employees in work field has an important role undoubtedly because it influences the advancement of companies. The enterprise will not have a progress without it. Sales Marketing of property is the best example of this. People who work in marketing must have a capability in that field to sell the product of development smartly. Most of them advertise the products through television, so that not only the proficiency they should have, but also their appearance is become the focal point. As a results, proficiency of work smartly determines the success of the company in selling product. It can be seen from the example that value quality of work is also important side in companies.

In conclusion, although there are any different perspectives about important matters in company, whether appearance or quality of work, I would argue that the outfits and quality of work have equal role to the companies and the workers should dresses properly appropriating the condition.
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / Pros and cons opinions that young people should take a work early after they finish their schools [2]

Some suggest that young people should take a job for a few years between school and university.
Discuss what the advantages and disadvantages might be for people who do this.

These days, it is pros and cons opinion that young people should take a work early after they finish their schools and before attending university. I personally believe that there are any benefits and weaknesses about it.

First and foremost, taking a job at a relative young aged will increase knowledge and rises real life experience to the juveniles itself as they involve in real society. In addition, they learn many things in real environment such how to behave with other people and learning to cope a problem in a job. A success entrepreneur, Bob Sadino, he has worked since he is young. He develops some business through trial and error until he reaches the one of success business, property development. Experience in real life teaches him to be success people, and his company is outstanding in Indonesia and even in over the world now. There is undoubtedly that working at young aged brings an advantage.

However, there is any disadvantage if juvenile take a decision to work rather than entering to the university. Most of them tend to continue their works than attending university as they already know about money. They can do many things with it such buying their stuff whatever they want. Also, they already feel that they can fulfill their needs, so that they become reluctant to take a higher education. Besides, they tend to focus on their jo because already have responsibilities in that field that obligates them to finish it, instead of stopping it. It can be done if they want to enter better education such in university. It can be seen from the example that there is any disadvantage to young people who take a job after they accomplish their school.

The aforementioned shows that making a decision to involve in a job between school and university brings advantage and disadvantage to young people.
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / I firmly agree that news about ordinary people's lives are important to know. IELTS Writing [2]

The media pay too much attention to the lives and relationships of celebrities such as actors, singer or footballers. They should spend more time reporting the lives of ordinary people instead.

To what do you agree or disagree?

Media has a significant role in society. One group of people think that media should take attention in famous people, but other groups believe that media should have more tendency to report the life of people who are not famous. Whilst I believe that reporting the lives of celebrities is needed, but I firmly agree that news about ordinary people's lives is important to know.

Learning about what happen in ordinary people's lives is very important because people can learn something new from it. It means that media should also spend attention to common people's lives. There are many news that can be broadcasted and it will give good value to people. For instance, if media report about settlement of low-income family to people through media like TV, people who watch the broadcast will learn social value in society. As a consequent, it has a big role in people's lives as it can teach the number of social value in community. It can be seen from the example that media should report more the lives of ordinary people.

However, media frequently broadcasts about celebrities' lives today as every people needs an entertainment which can be obtained through media such television. In addition, it also gives people inspiration to their lives and there are many the kind of event or performance on television. For example, every home has at least one TV today as people can get many information or news toward it such as celebrity fashion. Then, people will imitate what celebrities wear. As a result, people become having inspirations and have an entertainment. That is no wonder that media report the lives of outstanding people.

In conclusion, reporting about extraordinary people is very attractive indeed, and the media often broadcasts about it, but I would argue that showing the lives of ordinary people is more significant to be known by people, so that it is better if the media gives a larger attention to it.
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / The party that should take responsibility for children's healthy lifestyle is parents and schools [2]

Many children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools and parents are responsible for solving this problem.
To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Health is significant aspect in people's lives. An opinion about many children do not choose healthy lifestyle today, and not only school but also parents should take a responsible to tackle this problem, are still having pros and cons. I personally believe that both of them has the important role and should encourage the children so they avoid unhealthy lifestyle.

Children have a tendency to like ready-meals food to be eaten either for breakfast or dinner as they are very tasty and delicious dish which is offered without a long time. For example, restaurant where provides a fast food such as Mc Donald and KFC is the great example of this. There are many children in shopping mall with their parents in that place. They tend having a big interest to eat fast food, and then the child persuades their parents to buy that dish. As a result, children can experience body-weight problem such as obesity and other disease. Therefore, it can be seen from the example that parents are the significant side who should educate children, so that they are more like to elect the healthy lifestyle.

However, most of children spent plenty of time in their school. They are frequently buying unhealthy food that can threat their health. Canteen in school is not rarely selling unhealthy food, and children buy it in rest hours. As a consequence, they may obtain some disease after eating that snack. It is evidence that the party of schools should pay attention of this phenomenon.

The aforementioned shows that it is not in a low-number of children who choose unhealthy lifestyle and the party that should take a responsible is parents and schools. I would argue that both of them is the major side to this problem.
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / The clothes which people wear cannot judge who they are, but we need to dress accordingly [2]

Some people say that the clothes people wear are the most important indication of what they are like. Others, however, say that people should not be judged by the clothes they wear.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, many people pay a big attention about their fashion which they wear in daily activity. Even though one group of people think that clothes which people wear reflects who they are, and other groups believe that it cannot be justified the personality of people itself. In my opinion, the clothes of people should be appropriated with the circumstance.

Clothes, which people wear, indicate who people are as every people has a different personality that influences their interest on the kind of fashion. The type of people in psychological view, is the great example of this. People, who have extrovert personality, have a tendency to choose clothes with bright colors as they are a cheerful person. While the other ones are introvert personality, they are more a closed person. As a result, people can be judged from their style of clothes that they choose, such as their personalities. It is undoubtedly that clothes which people have mirrors their individualities.

However, the outfits of people are sometimes not reflecting who they have a principle in their lives. An Indonesian billionaire, Bob Sadino, is a strong instance in this case. He is a success entrepreneur in property development and has a big company which is outstanding in Indonesia and even other countries over the world. His property product always gets well-respond in market and it can be sold at a relative short time, so that his company always produce a huge profit. Although he is a rich person, but he is very humble person. It can be looked from his appearance. He always wears a simple outfit in a daily activity, just short pants and shirts, either in his home or office. It can be seen from the example that the appearance of people is not mirroring who the people is.

The aforementioned shows that sometime the clothes which people wear cannot be judged who they are like, but I believe that appropriating what we wear with the condition and event will be a proper and wise decision.
Feb 28, 2016
Writing Feedback / Are the profits the major business purpose? Should people who operate it focus exclusively on money? [2]

The purpose of businesses is to make money and they should concentrate only on this.
Do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that profits are the major business purpose and people who operate the business should focus just on it. I personally agree with this view as they must take a responsible in advancement of business itself and the workers.

Every business always has challenge to make a better progress, so that it can overcome a bigger profit as it will be used for the salary of employee and operate the business itself. Automotive industry is great example of this. These companies have more than a thousand labor, and every year more than a hundred workers is recruited by companies. In addition, the enterprises give a health guarantee to all workers, and provide additional salary in the end of the year. As a result, companies often focus on the profits and make a planning to reach the goal of profit. There is no wonder that company just concentrate only to produce gain.

On the other hand, business also concentrate to human resources to create good-working environment as it can give effect in work productivity. Big companies always have a human resources department to give training and motivation for workers, so that they have same purpose to reach company purpose. As a result, employees have big motivation and equal purpose to bring company in advance. It can be seen from the example that there is any another purpose in business, beside about money.

The aforementioned shows that although there is any another business purposes such as concerning in human resources, but I would argue that business purpose is just about money and it becomes the main concentration.
Feb 26, 2016
Writing Feedback / IELTS 2 : Working after school before studying at University - education and career consideration [5]

... job for several years after school brings the benefits for a student ...
... I argue that there are some disadvantages as the drawbacks.
... my previous job in psychological service center assists me to make a decision ...
... tend to be independence. It means that they are more likely to appreciate their ...
Moreover, they can be aware of their financial wherethat they never ask their parents ...
Feb 26, 2016
Writing Feedback / Writing Task 2: the argument of spending money in art, education or health [5]

... either for art or for school and hospital are IS important.........

Those who support spending money in art believe THAT it is valuable for some reasons........

the others argue THAT the money should be expended invested for education and health ...
Feb 26, 2016
Writing Feedback / Now it is more common to have similar lifestyle among people from different countries in the world [6]

In recent days Nowadays, it is more common to have less and more same lifestyle among people from different countries in the world because of using products made of they use products of same brands. In my opinion this trend can have much more positive effects than negative ones.

... and dishwashers which is made in good brands or .
... Subways, KFC to save time and have has a high standard level of life. On the economic prospective perspective, it is good for producers ...
Feb 25, 2016
Writing Feedback / Children eating pattern in this era have become unhealthy and it generates obesity [3]

... to choose unhealthy food in this era eating pattern in this era have become unhealthy . in which It has generated a huge problem childhood such obesity in children, and ...

Many opinions say that both of parent and school should ...
... I totally agree that statement,(.) However, I also believe ...
Feb 24, 2016
Writing Feedback / The table gives information of surveys about communication skills that people need in their works [2]

The table gives information of surveys about the kind of communication skills that people need in their works. There are external communication and internal communication in 1997 and 2006. It is measured by percentage of what people say. Overall, it can be seen that dealing with people was a significant skill rather than others, in external category. In internal communication, listening carefully to colleagues was an important skill.

First of all, essential skill in external communication was dealing with people and it had a high percentage in 1997 and 2006, 60% and 65% respectively. The second skill, that was needed in job, was advising of caring for customers or clients. Then, roughly 36% in 1997 and 39% in 2006, people said that this skill is important. Next, a few people asked that knowledge of particular products or services was a substantial skill, which was followed selling a product or service. It was the lowest in the number of people asking that it was not important skill.

Turning to external communication, listening carefully to colleagues was the essential skill in job, and it was about 38% in 1997 and 47% in 2006, and then instructing or training people was the second a significant skill. Subsequently, analyzing problems together with others was the third essential skill. It was roughly 20% in 1997 and 26% in 2006. The other skills were not important enough in work, such as persuading or influencing others and planning the activities of others.

Feb 24, 2016
Writing Feedback / IELTS 2 - Electronic Media negative influence; people become introvert and less active socially [5]

The use of electronic media has a negative effect on personal relationships between people.
To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

Electronic media has a significant role in relationship of people to other people. People who use electronic media can get a bad impact on personal relationships among people. Whilst I believe that electronic media brings some benefits to people, I firmly believe that a negative effect of it is bigger than positive effect.

First of all, electronic media bringing people becomes an introvert as people become having a tendency to spend their time alone. For example, today people have at least one smartphone which can help them to connect to their colleague, relatives, and friends without meeting directly such as making a call, sending a message, or even email. It can affect to psychological condition of people. They become having more closed personality. As a result, people feel awkward, at the moment they meet other people and have difficulties to say something in direct communication. It can make misunderstanding. It is evidence that electronic media brings a negative effect on personal connection.

In addition, electronic media causes people having problem in social lives as they become rare to do interaction to other people. They tend taking plenty of time to play their electronic media such as laptop and mobile phone. For instance, many people who are exist in public space such as restaurant tend to use their mobile phone, whereas they gather with their friends. As a consequence, they do less interaction such making conversation. It can be seen from the example that electronic media have bad impact on personal relationship between people.

However, electronic media has a positive effect on people's relationship. It can connect among people in a great way. For example, sometimes people need to send message to other people in a swift time which can be obtained through electronic media such smartphone. As a result, people have a good personal relationship to others. That is no wonder that electronic media has a good effect in personal relationship.

The aforementioned shows that electronic media has more a negative impact than positive effect on personal connection among people.
Feb 24, 2016
Writing Feedback / TOEFL - checking more news resources lead to more truthful, less prejudiced and a faster information [7]

Journalists, who have a capacity to influence individuals ...
... impressions of them , because they don'tdo not believe that these ...
... lead audiences to make wrongjudgements .
... judge by ourselves not by bias and we can bebeing well-informed.

Last but not least, more resources means that we have more oppotunitiesopportunity to get information quickly and conveniently.
Due to
due to various geographic locations,(.)some of mediamedia can arrive at spots faster...
I states that speed is a crucial matter for us to become well-informed.
Feb 24, 2016
Scholarship / 'unique manuscripts' Scholarship essay for post graduate in Public Health Nutrition. [4]

. And this is an attempt to make my dream land on my real career path. ...........

.....Despite this achievement, the other side is, an another side about him, he is never involved in any income generation activity. .....

They are usually endorsed into marriage relationship which thereafter they turned them into homemaker (housewife) depending on their husband for everything and their activityactivities limits taking care of family. The second reason for deserving this scholarship is , this scholarship will renowned me as public health nutritionist and ultimately supports me to gain independency in terms of financial need.
Feb 24, 2016
Writing Feedback / To be competitive and succesful in the long run you need take a risk - TOEFL [5]

..... Within the last few decades, there has been an unprecedented development of economy, <--without comma ) due to the great ...

..... It is convenient to getaccessing to their customers in the market ...

...which is that high-qualified technology is helpful to attract consumers and is easily copied between companies---> they are high-qualified technologies that help to attract consumers ....
Feb 23, 2016
Writing Feedback / Information about the level of education among Bulgarians who chose to live in another country [2]

Please note that the next time you provide a useless comment in other student's thread, your account will be suspended. Remember also about giving good, unique titles for your threads

The bar chart provides information about the grade of education which is elected by Bulgarian people who desire to go and stay in another country in some years, 2002, 2006, and 2008, respectively. At first glance it is evident that, most of Bulgarian people who wanted to go and lived in another country was in secondary education level which was the highest level in every year than another level of education, higher education and primary and lower education.

With regards to secondary education, the figure for people with that level stood at 65% in 2002, and it was a peak among 3 years. Afterwards, this category declined minimally at least 4%, which was followed a small fall to 59% in the next year.

Turning to other levels, the figure for people with primary and lower education rose each year. In 2002, it was stood at 18%, and then showed an upward trend in other years, 19% in 2006. Subsequently, the figure peak at 32% in 2008. Next, another category was people with higher education. The figure for people with higher education stood at 17% in 2002, and then rose minimally to 20% in 2006, which was followed a significant drop to 9% in 2008.

Feb 23, 2016
Writing Feedback / Is the modern world very difficult for those people who wants to maintain their healthy lifestyle? [2]

Some people say that in the modern world it is very difficult for people to have a healthy lifestyle. others, however, say that it is easy for people to be healthy and fit they want to be.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Health is a significant aspect in people's lives. One group of people think that people in modern era tend to choose unhealthy lifestyle, but others believe that keeping healthy and fit are not difficult to be reached as long as they want it. Whilst I believe that having a healthy lifestyle is difficult, I strongly believe that it is an easy matter if people have intention.

Business in daily activity forces people to use their time properly as they must do many things a day. For instance, a woman career, she has tight schedule every day that must be accomplished by her, such as household matters, her children and family. Besides, she spends a lot of time in office which often makes her to forget keeping her health, so that she is frequently buying a fast food to save her time. Instead, it can danger her health and gives possibility to have a serious disease such heart attack. As a result, many people tend to choose unhealthy lifestyle to save their time. That is no wonder that some people have difficulties to get a healthy lifestyle.

However, there are many ways that people can do to be healthy and fit from modern way to simple way. In modern view, coming to gymnastic is a great way to do. There are many sport tools that people can utilize. In addition, trainer will guide to reach goal to be healthy, so that people's exercise is in better way. Another way to keep health is in simple way such running and jogging as they can do in many places like sidewalk, city park, and even your home. It is also an economical sport. Moreover, running and jogging are also the cheaper sport than others. Therefore, many people can do it if they want. It is evidence that a healthy lifestyle is easy to be reached.

In conclusion, it is believed that people are easy to have a healthy lifestyle in the modern world if they wish and have strong intention to get it. Also, they take a real action to have it.
Feb 21, 2016
Writing Feedback / Studying in university can determine the future of individuals and change our society for better [3]

Some people believe that the aim of university education is to help graduates find better jobs while some others hold that there are wider benefits for the individual and the society. Discuss both viewpoints and give your opinion.

Studying in university can determine the future of life. Nowadays, the question whether university education is aimed helping people to devise well-paid jobs or it can give larger advantages for people itself and the community are controversies with different opinion. I firmly believe that university education brings both of these benefits either helping graduates obtain better job or giving impact in individual and social as they are interconnected.

Firstly, university education gives knowledge which is needed to find a dream job of people and they find better work after graduation. Looking for a job needs certificate from university education today. Many companies require it and some proficiency that can be obtained from education in university. There is no doubt that the purpose of university education is to help graduates obtain better work.

However, there are a bigger benefit in taking education in university, not only finding a good job but also changing personality and community. Education in university can form the character of people to better personality which can grow social spirit and gives more benefits to other people in surrounding through knowledge that is obtained from university. A young doctor, Gamal Albinsaid, he receives awards from prince Charles from the British empire due to concerning the health of poor people. Low-income people, who wants to check their health, can pay with rubbish or crop yields. As a result, poor people get a health in easy ways as they can afford the cost of health check with ease. It can be seen from the example that university education can expand benefits to individual and society.

To sum up, university education brings many benefits, but the most significant ones are to obtain a well-paid job and changing society to a better life.
Feb 21, 2016
Writing Feedback / Interview test in not a proper method to apply in the process of recruiting workers. [4]

An interview has been one of favorite methods(,) chosen by many ...

... it is not the appropriate techniquemethod instead as truly skills (...) based on competence that they have.

... thought less proper to assess employer candidates.

... measure and assess the capability thatof employer candidates have (,) according to what truly ...
Feb 21, 2016
Writing Feedback / Many countries invest a lot of money in art. Should they rather spend more on health and education? [2]

Many countries spend a lot of money in art. Some people think investment in art is necessary, but others say money is better spent on improving health and education. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

These days, some people believe that giving money in art is needed but some others think that money should be spent on health and education enhancement. I personally believe that both of these field should be supported simultaneously by the government.

First and foremost, health and education is basic need of people's lives. Education improvement can develop nation as young generation obtain good the process of learning and it will generate a smart generation, which is followed by advancement of the nation. To be more specific, the more people receive better education until high level, the more number of qualified people country would have. Following this, they can change nation in some aspects, such as economic condition. Subsequently, Health is also important factor in one country as it can influence national condition. To illustrate, the productivity of employee in company has a limit which is affected by their health, and then it can give an impact in economics situation too. It proves that government should spend national budget in education and health.

However, funding the art brings the nation creating creative environment because it can overcome the emergence of new ideas in art field which inspire the young generation. Art exhibition, for instance, is medium for displaying art work such painting by an artist that can contribute in creating creative generation. Therefore, spending money in art is good investment to the countries, so that government should also take a big attention to this aspect.

To sum up, the government should subsidize both of these field, either education and health areas and art field.