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May 10, 2016
Writing Feedback / The crime rate can be minimalised if government and individuals find the solution. [2]

I need your suggestion and average score for this writing
Each year, the crime rate increases. what are the causes of crime and what could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?

The inclining number of criminal activity can be seen every year. The crime will not be happened without any causes, yet problem can be avoided before it has happened if government and individuals find the solution.

Nowadays, low economy and broken family become the prominent reason why many people among adults and teenagers doing crime. The poorer may commit crime like mugging or even murdering others in order to obtain some money. Furthermore, broken family evokes teenagers to do crime which bothering others. Without any control from their parents, they will join in the gangs and commit juvenile delinquency. As a result, the children from broken family will be influenced negatively by their friends since they are promised comfortable situation and fun activities in the gang. It is evident that both financial crisis and bad condition of family cause an enormous problem which is called crime.

Turning to measures, government and all society are obligated to solve this problem. Based on the cases explained above, the source of crime is anxiety of financial crisis and family. Therefore, this problem should be coped with from its source. Firstly, in order to help low economy people, government should widen up the job opportunities. For instance, government can cooperate with local and multi-national company to generate many job vacancies. In addition, individuals have to take a big responsibility as well by protecting their family. All parents should keep their home comfortable, fun, and safe as their children expect. They should be children's friends and guide them to participate in positive activities. Yet, it can be seen that the role of government in avoiding crime should be supported by the role of society.

It is proved that the criminal activity rate inclines steadily every year because bad condition from people's living area and economy. Yet, this problem can be prevented if government and individuals take responsibility in it.
May 10, 2016
Writing Feedback / The pie charts compare the percentages of different age groups in the population of Yemen and Italy, [9]

hello Tyler, please allow me to give you some advice.

first, please put an overview in your introduction paragraph since yours is only consist of issue.

it is better if you make a space to separate your paragraph to ease readers identify which one is paragraph 1, 2, or 3.

regarding to the tenses, you should use past tense when describing the data in 2000 and use future tense in presenting the information in 2050.

please put the interesting data in the second body paragraph

warm regard
May 10, 2016
Writing Feedback / Growing numbers of people tend to buy things in supermarkets rather than at small, local stores. [4]

hello writer, you have done well in this writing.
please allow me to give my insights here.

it is better for you to paraphrase the statement for your introduction paragraph.
It is true that people in growing numbers tend to buy things in supermarkets rather than small stores and local markets.
it is the alternative
The enermous market attracts many people to buy their needs rather than traditional one and small shops.

you should mention where you stand whether positive or negative since you have to answer the question. after deciding it, you have to mention it in the overview.

actually, introduction and conclusion is almost the same,yet you should try to present them in different sentence.

warm regard
May 10, 2016
Writing Feedback / Replacing the fossil fuel energy for other - ecological sources is too expensive undertaking [2]

Please give me some suggestion and score for this writing

Alternative energy sources that use the natural power of the wind, waves, and sun are too expensive and complicated to replace the coal, oil, and gas that we use to power our cities and transport. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Exchanging the fossil fuels energy with natural energy resources in generating the electricity and transport in the city will need high cost and be complicated. It is debatable issue in society, yet for me, I agree with this statement since the alternative energy sources only generates limited power and it is difficult to lead many people using this energy.

To begin with, the natural power of wind, waves, and sun is eco-friendly energy. Its industry will not produce the poisonous fumes. As a result, the environment will be safe. In comparison to fossil fuel energy, it will not cause global warming, and this energy can be recycled. Another positive impact of using the natural power is all people can save the fossil fuel for the next generation. Consequently, citizens can enjoy the power without damaging the environment.

However, two points should be considered before utilizing the alternative energy are its price and the difficulty of using it. Turning to the price of energy, I firmly believe that many people expect keeping the environment, yet they do not find the cheaper one yet. Even though the natural energy is eco-friendly, yet it produces limited power only compared to fossil fuel energy and will cause the price of electricity and transport be much more expensive. Moreover, replacing the fossil fuel energy is extremely complicated because many people rely on it and it is not well-known for them. Changing people's mindset in using energy is difficult because the government should educate them first about it. As a result, society tends to choose the cheapest and familiar one nowadays.

To sum up, although the natural energy has many benefits, I agree that it difficult to replace the fossil fuel energy for the time being. The reason for this is if the alternative energy is used, many people will debate it and they must spent much money in its expenditure.
May 10, 2016
Writing Feedback / Is modern life better for human? [5]

hallo Minh Cau. let me show my opinion in correcting this writing.

... plays an important role in life's quality. Sounformal there are several reasons to disagree... It will the focus on my essay.without saying this, your overview has explained that you will disagree with the statemet

it is better if you explain some reasons which agree with it, then you broke them with your strong reason (s) of why should disagree.

warm regard
May 10, 2016
Writing Feedback / IELTS 2: young people are more creative than older people in business or in the workplace [4]

hello Hain,
your writing is really good in grammar and you present many less common words in it. It will help you to get higher score. However, please allow me to give you some suggestion about the arrangement of task 2 in writing IELTS.

1. you should make clear overview shows which part you stand (agree or disagree). that is why it is important to analyze the question first. if the question is only answered partially, it will the score.

2. after deciding either agree or disagree, you should talk about disagree (e.g. if you stand in agree) in the first body paragraph. you have explained it in the really good way. you only need put the conclusion in every body paragraph. if you stand in agree statement, it is better to put your idea in the second body paragraph.

overall, it is a good job. congratulation.

warm regard
May 10, 2016
Writing Feedback / Obesity problem should be tackled by applying health diet and doing exercise regularly. [2]

Please give me some suggestion and score for this writing. Thanks in advance
Obesity is now a major global epidemic. What can be done to tackle this increasingly common problem?

One of big worldwide problems is overweight. This epidemic should be tackled through applying health diet and doing exercise regularly.

Nowadays, obesity becomes a common problem experiencing by many people because of some reasons. Firstly, based on medical research in America, consuming unhealthy diet every day causes overweight in many Americans especially for young people in 2010. Fast food and coke drink can be the example of unhealthy diet they consumed. Even for the time being, many companies warn obesity to the people through coke bottle in America. Another reason why many people are overweight is because they do not have enough time to do exercise. Hectic days make many people only focus on their business without thinking about the importance of eating even exercising. Take a clear example in bankers' life. They spend time from morning until afternoon even sometimes late night for doing their assignment in the workdays. On the weekend, they must be tired and taking a rest all the day or staying at home only with their family. Consequently, they only have limited time in a week to join in some sorts of exercise activity. Therefore, unhealthy food and limited time of exercising are become the causes of this problem.

Furthermore, this problem can cause some detrimental effects, such as bullying and getting illness. Firstly, many young people are bullied by their friends at school since they have overweight bodies. As a result, their self-confident decrease dramatically. The next one is getting disease in terms of diabetes and heart attack. This health problem will limit their activities even the worst condition can be produced is death for the sufferers. In order to cope with obesity, those should change their life style starting from eating healthy diet and doing exercise regularly. Regulating food consumption is needed because body really needs protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, and water obtained by eating healthy food. Unfortunately, eating healthy diet is not complete without exercise. They should take time for doing it every day.

In brief, the big global problem in terms of obesity can be solved by applying healthy life style. The healthy life style can be showed in consuming healthy diet and conducting exercise frequently.
May 9, 2016
Writing Feedback / IELTS TASK 1 - The annual rainfall in Victoria and Washington [6]

your essay is a great essay since you have analyzed it critically. for this great writing, you deserve to get the score mentioned above. I just have a little bit correction for you as follows:

1.you should add the first paragraph with a sentence "unit is measured in mm"

2. it is better to explain the rainfall in Washington in the second paragraph, and is followed by rainfall in Victoria in the next one.

3. another unique feature can be added is you can mention that even though the rainfall in Victoria is lower than in Washington, yet its average rainfall in December hit the highest rate point compared to all amount of precipitation in Washington over the timeframe.

warm regard
May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / The cost of schooling and healthcare should be paid by the government - free access for all people [3]

Please give suggestion and score for this writing. Thank you

TASK 2: All education and healthcare should be funded by the government and free for everyone

The cost of schooling and healthcare should be paid by the government and all people can utilize these services freely. I could not agree more that government should provide these public services without any charge, yet for poor society only.

Being healthy and educated is the right of all people and make them expect to obtain public services freely because they think that they have paid their taxes. An illustration of this is taxes of building every year. Its taxes is stored to the tax office and used for the developing of all aspects including education and healthcare aspects. They may think that the taxes paid all public services, so they do not need to pay again. Furthermore, all poor people and suburb people will get the same services as good as services in rural city.

Nevertheless, except poor people, I believe that entire society should be charged for these public services because many reasons. Firstly, different people have different need. Therefore, if they purchase the private services, they should cost it. For instance, private school should be paid because the tutors or even owners are not working for formal institution and will not be funded by government. Consequently, it is not fear for them giving services. The cost given can increase the tax of country used for public services improvement. In addition to this, the free services will make the workers lazy, lack of discipline, and give dissatisfied services to all people. The clear example is the one of healthcare assurance named BPJS giving a low-cost service to average to low level economy of people. Many people complain it because they served first the people paying more. It is the cheap service, how could the free service be if it is applied.

In conclusion, I would say disagree if all people except poor people get public services without any charge. They must pay the services in order to help the low-level economy people get the service for free. Finally, the government should regulate the process of every public service and give more attention to the needy society.

May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / Pie chart - water used for different purposes in six wide territories all over the world. [6]

hi diep, welcome to essayforum

let me give you some suggestion. maybe you have to understand well about the essay pattern first. practicing day by daycan improve your understanding with it. try to learn how to make a good overview and what conjunction used to connect sentence or paragraph.

it is a good starting for you actually.

keep writing!
May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / Task 1 IELTS: the comparison of common advantages and disadvantages of Fairmont Island [2]

The most common benefits and drawbacks of Fairmont Island based on survey of visitors are compared on the pie charts. The negative impacts are classified into weather, high cost of living, entertainment, and food quality, while the positive impacts are categorized into the people, the scenery, good accommodation, and culture. Overall, it is immediately apparent that the biggest percentage of the people visited supports the high cost of living category become the worst problem of visitors in this island.

To begin with, the Fairmont Island attracts many people to come to visit it until it causes the high cost of living becomes the biggest common problem at virtually 40% and 45% respectively. Furthermore, the smallest disadvantage described by the food quality stood at one in twenty fraction, whereas the lowest category in advantage chart seen in good accommodation category takes a fifth fraction.

Moreover, the benefit received by the visitors in terms of the scenery shows nearly the same percentage with the people category. Even though weather problem is illustrated a fifth of fraction, the number of visitors enjoying the scenery is still in the average percentage. However, the big drawback of entertainment influences the percentage of culture taking a minority number of advantages.

May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / The number of places visited by three types different people living in Australia [3]

hi mimi, your writing is good, yet let me help you to make it better.

Turning to cinema and library, the cinema breaks the limit places visitedput the for the words have been mentioned

instead of repeating the word of Shows , you may change it into describes orillustrates

itis also experienced people born in Autralia visit theatre a fairly half then zoo.

thank you
May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / The existence of electronic media can decrease the quality of relationship between people. [4]

hello nida, niceto read a good writing of yours. let me give you some suggestions.

1. you have to considered which one you want to use (media or medium).
media---> plural
medium---> singular

2. media is not a way/method/proces, yet it is a thing/tool.

3. another---> singular e.g. another person
other---> plural e.g. other people

4. to communication---> to communicate.

5. In this modern era, several people are become more individual and anti ...

passive voice has different pattern than active one.

hoppe it can be helpful for you.
May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / The percentage of visitors in an Australian zoo, library, theater, and cinema [2]

Please give me score for this writing and help me to improve it by giving some suggestions. Thanks

Task 1 IELTS: The chart below shows the places visited by different people living in Australia

The bar chart indicates the percentage of three different visitors living in Australia who visit four different locations classified into zoo, library, theater, and cinema. These visitors are divided into those born in Australia, new migrants born in English-speaking countries, and new migrants born in other countries. What stands out from the data reveals that cinema is the most popular place among all places and the greatest rate in every location is broken up by different visitor category.

To begin with, all visitors have common interest in cinema and visitors born in Australia shows the highest interest at virtually 70%. Nevertheless, both cinema and theater percentage illustrate enormous difference. The lowest interest of visitors is described in theater rate with only less than 25% visitors.

Furthermore, major percentage of different place is peaked by different visitor category. The new migrants born in English-speaking countries category hit two greatest rates in library and zoo location. Its rate in zoo place is slight under the percentage of the highest one in Library place reaching the percentage above 50%. Surprisingly, the point of those born in Australia is identified as the highest rate not only in cinema but also entire places.

May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / IELTS Task 1 "Percentage of water used for different purposes in six areas of the world" [5]

hi Zizou, happy to read a good writing like yours. your grammar is very good, yet it is better to understand the essay pattern for IELTS as well. Let me give you some suggestion.

firstly, it is better for you to combine the first and second paragraph. you should make issue and overview in one paragraph. in addition, you should not mention any number in overview. you can mention some of them in body paragraphs, yet please avoid listing.

May 1, 2016
Writing Feedback / Number of trainees for obtaining teacher qualifications and the percentage of male qualifiers in UK [4]

hallo Ainirere, you get improvement in your writing. However, let me help you correcting some parts.
It is better if you mention the qualifications in the first paragraph.

The table depicts the number of trainees for obtaining teacher qualification and the percentage of male qualifiers in Great Britain between 2005/6 and 2006/7, and classified into total teaching qualification obtained, PGCE, and BEd & other degrees.

also, instead of mentioning the real number,you may mention the gapin order to avoid listing.

thank you,
whish you get success in your IELTS writing
Apr 22, 2016
Writing Feedback / There is sufficient evidence to conclude that media promote violence to the society. [5]

IELTS TASK 2: Violence in the media promote violence in society. To what extent do you agree?

Nowadays, many people across the world enjoy all the services provided by media included violence. Though many people argue that media are interesting and entertaining tools, I strongly agree that such entertainment present hardness.

Media show many programs containing much information and entertainment. Some of them definitely look for television or the internet serving up-date information and entertaining program in their leisure time. BBC news and VoA can be the example programs used to obtain useful information from media. Turning to entertainment, it can be exemplified by American Idol channel evoked worldwide people to watch. As a result, they enhance their knowledge either in national or international part through the news and entertaining programs watched.

On the other hand, developed media likely publish violence to public through TV program and movies even though they are controversial. They are set like this because many people are really interested in violent program or films. Osborn in Medialit.org states that violence is the foundation of many films, TV movies, and action series. In fact, violence is often synonymous with "action." Regarding to this quotation, violence through media can be felt among adult, adolescent, and children unconsciously even by watching cartoon movies. The wickedness done by the actors and actresses will be dire for their attitude, whereas sometimes it is ignored.

To sum up, media shows wonderful and attractive channels, yet I would agree there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate these promote violence to the society. If the society does not pay attention to this case, they cannot filter the harmful thing from it, and it will affect behavior of surrounding people especially their children.
Apr 22, 2016
Writing Feedback / Obesity due to high processed wheat [4]

hello writer,
I notice that your writing is very good, yet there are some parts should be corrected as follows:

1. Because you don't mention the timeframe, it is better for you to use present tense not past tense.

2. It is better to check your grammar before posting it. I extremely sorry to say that, but I found some ungrammatical sentences in your writing.

3. In the first paragraph, it is better for you to simplify your issue and make your thesis statement clear.
Based on the question, you are asked to make problem and solution essay not cause and effect essay. Therefore, it is better for you to change the word of "result" into "solution" in thesis statement.

warm regard
Apr 22, 2016
Writing Feedback / Describe charts which give information about two genres of TV programmes watched by men and women [4]

hello unbreakable,
I'm happy to read the good writing like this, yet let me help you to make a little improvement by giving some suggestion as follows:

1. It is better for you to say bar charts not bar graphs because as I know that graph is for line (line graph) and chart is for bar and pie (bar chart and pie chart)

2. Both IELTS writing task 1 and task 2 have almost same structure for first paragraph. they containt of paraphrase (rewrite the question in different words) and thesis statement. therefore, it is better for you to put your thesis statement in the initial paragraph.

3. watch your incorrect spelling (femals --> females)

4. avoid redundancy! don't use the same word in one sentence. The examiner will see your ability to paraphrasing the words.
It is also noticeable that the higher age groups have the higher rates of people watching reality shows,.......

5. It is better for you to make to bodies of essay (combined the first and second body).
As a result, the grouping idea is like this:

body 1: the precentage of males and females watching the reality show (grouping by gender)
body 2: grouping by age (look at the fluctuated and upward trends)

It is only suggestion, and hopefully it will be useful for you.
warm regard
Apr 22, 2016
Writing Feedback / Cognitive ability is inbred brought by parents' genetic. Intelligence is innate or can be improved? [2]

Some people argue that cognition is something that we are born with, whereas some others believe that it can be developed through studying process. This writing will discuss both points of view.

There is no doubt that cognitive ability is inbred brought by parents' genetic. Sometimes, we can find some smart people born as members in the one family, and afterwards traditionally, the most of society think that a smart one must be born from the smart parents. Furthermore, they believe that mothers' genetic potentially influences her children's intelligence. However, many researches proved that the parents' genes only give a small portion of improvement. As stated in genetic-home-reference.nih.gov in 2014, the study shows that a large number of genes are involved, each of which makes only a small contribution to a person's intelligence. Regarding to this quotation, it is evident that the genetic is not the most influent thing changing someone's ability.

In my perspective, the major factor influences someone's intelligence is hard learning done through joining the educational institution or experiencing some activities. Someone's cognition seems like a balloon when we give effort, it will be bigger than before it was. These kinds of environment eager all people to make some efforts for their ability improvement. In order to fortify their ability, they are going to learn how to think critically, to solve the problem, to make some reasons, to propose plan, and to think about complex idea. As a result, those will be smarter and more successful than before. It is also supported by the result of research in 2014 published in genetic-home-reference.nih.gov stated that factors related to a child's home environment and parenting, education and availability of learning resources, and nutrition, among others, all contribute to intelligence.

To conclude, all people have different thought that some think someone's talent is created by genes and others agree that learning process is the most significant factor influences the intelligence, yet I would argue that environment factor especially learning strongly everyone's ability. Consequently, some efforts should be done to develop the cognition.
Apr 22, 2016
Writing Feedback / IELTS TASK 1 - The chart shows the changes that took place in three different areas [7]

hello Aini, it's a pleasure to read your understandable writing. let me give you some advice

The shade of crime rates in three areas in Newport city center between the year 2003 and 2012 is illustrated in the line graph.

it is better for you to make a grouping idea based on the year. The first body of essay discusses about the upward trend during 2000 to 2005, and afterwads the second body paragraph discusses the trend between 2005 and 2012. In this part, you should talk about fluctuated trend and mention the unique thing occured ( the greatest rate decreased dramatically and exchanged with the blue one. you should mention the highest and lowest one in this part.

warm regard
Apr 22, 2016
Writing Feedback / There are 17 main stages invoked in the frozen fish pies manufacturing process; IELTS [7]

dear writer, let me give some suggetuions for your writing improvement.

It is evident that there are 17 main stages invoked. Beginning with the ...

it is better if you combine these sentences as follows:
There are 17 main stages in manufacturing frozen fish pies beginning with the delivery of potatoes and salmon and ending with storing the product in the machine.

warm reagard
Apr 17, 2016
Writing Feedback / The Lakeside town changes have occurred during 2000 to 2009 was illustrated in the map [2]

The Lakeside town changes have occurred during 2000 to 2009 was illustrated in the map. The most noticeable change is the replacement of residential areas with several business sectors and infrastructure projects.

Turning to the west side of the river, there were more changes occurred in this side rather than in the east side. The derelict warehouse placed next to the housing was transformed into the car park. In addition to this, the Lakeside society converted the old town located beside the lake into offices and a university. Moreover, the art centre placed next to the school was transformed into cinema. Also, it can be seen clearly that the shopping centre set in front of the river changed the residential area.

The change was found also in the east side town river in 2009. The industrial complex became larger then it was and took the residential area. Then, the map shows that the lake turned into the little pond.

Apr 17, 2016
Writing Feedback / Task 1: The process of milk making on some dairy products such as cheese, cream, butter and milk [5]

Hi Mimi,
I would like to give you some advices, and hope these will be helpful for you IELTS writing enhancement.

Firstly, you should post the process diagram of your writing to help the reader analyze it clearly.

First, ---> firstly

The cows graze in the field and hoped can produce much milk.

This is where the process divergesprocess

Turning to other product bywith the different stage, it can also be prosessed
Apr 17, 2016
Writing Feedback / GRE - young people to not be advised to "follow your dreams," but to go for" worthy goals" [2]

Hello Robin, you writing is good and I can catch your idea inside it. However, you have to becareful with some errors because it can affect your score negatively.

it self ----> itself
it should be combined

you have good sentence, yet it is better if you practice to make compound even complex sentence in it.

I also find some space errors likethe creativity of youth , youth, which is. you must not separate the word and punctuation like in this example.

warm regard.
Apr 17, 2016
Writing Feedback / The way in which chewing gum is made in terms of manufacturing process is presented in the diagram [2]

The way in which chewing gum is made in terms of manufacturing process is presented in the diagram. Overall, there are seven stages in the process, beginning with melting the spruce gum and culminating in packaging process.

To begin with, the spruce gum used to make chewing gum is boiled in high temperature water until be melted. This spruce gum is then put into certain container used to strain it so that it can be separated from its liquid.

Following this, some ingredients such as flavorings, softeners, and sweeteners are added to that spruce, and this mixture is blended one another. The roller machine used to flatten passed the mixture. Furthermore, this chewing gum is cut into some small parts. In the subsequent stage, it goes through a breaking and packaging process. The flatten mixture cut are broken off into some small pieces, afterwards these wrapped and packed using packaging machine. Finally, these chewing gums are ready to be distributed.

Apr 17, 2016
Writing Feedback / Task 1: spending income on three fast food categories in 1990 [4]

Hello Mimi,
I would like to give you some suggestions for your IELTS writing enhancement, and hope you find these advices helpful. overall, your writing is good, wheareas I found some errors as follows:

Both categorised by hamburger, fish and chips, and pizza.this sentence needs a verb because a sentence should consist a subject and a verb at least.

... hamburger and pizza dropped significantly, while expenditure on fish ...It is better for you to use coma before while word.

It can also be seen duringover 20 years expenditure in hamburger and, fish and chips rose significantly, while expenditure in(redundancy) pizza dropped dramatically.

a rise significanta significant rose
Apr 17, 2016
Writing Feedback / IELTS TASK2: more children are accessing the internet unsupervised. [3]

Hi Tugyts,
I am able to understand your idea in this writing, yet I find some grammatical errors in it. Let me give you some suggestions to help you improving it.

The computer is considered as a wonder invention of modern world and young people are more attracted to using computers than the older age.which eiger many people to use it nowadays.

It may result in having detrimental effects an children lifes
It creates detrimenttal effects in children's lives

yoto annoy,abuse,threaten or harass the children ...
Apr 17, 2016
Writing Feedback / IELTS TASK 1: Multiple Data Sets in Pie Chart and in Bar Chart [3]

The resource of some grievance is classified in seven aspects during the period and displayed in the pie chart. The change of average month from data inquiry to final action on the average during the period 2000 and 2004 is presented in the bar chart. Units in the pie chart are measured in percentage. At first glance, it is proved that the pie chart shows that public becomes a major one. Furthermore, the bar chart clearly described that the average month in 2001 was found as the greatest rate.

To begin, there is a dramatic difference seen in the proportion of categories in the pie chart. It represents that public obtains the record as the biggest one at virtually 63%. It shows far higher proportion than other which only gains complaints at under 12%. The other is identified as the least one and is fairly low than bank employees and media. The gap between government agencies and out of state shows almost the same proportion as well.

Turning to the change of average time in bar chart, it can be seen clearly that trend experienced fluctuation slowly over 4 years. The average month in 2001 hit the highest level and at the end of time frame, the average month evened out the least stood at just over 4.

Apr 15, 2016
Writing Feedback / The number of movies description in India, Ireland, New Zealand, and Japan categorised in four types [3]

The number of movies in India, Ireland, New Zealand, and Japan is presented in the table, divided into some categories such as action, romance, comedy, and horror, and is measured in millions. Overall, the highest total number of these types of films shows in India, whereas the lowest one is indicated in Japan.For those types of films, the greatest one is obtained by the action type and the least is found by the horror one.

Turning first to India and Japan, India gains the greatest figures for film at 24,5 m, whereas the lowest one is indicated in Japan with 17,8 m films. Even though their accounting of films is dramatically different, yet they both own slightly the same number in the action and horror movies. The remaining for two other countries shows the slight different total number and accumulates the action film the most. Interestingly though, these countries has particularly low number in different type such as Ireland in the romance film and New Zealand in the comedy one.

In terms of total film per each type, all countries dominantly own action movie rather than others. Surprisingly, the least type is found in horror category. For those two other types, they describe the slightly total number of film.